5 ways journalling can help in your life and business

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Last week I went to a live journalling session. After each of the prompts, people read what they had written down. It was very poetic, and deep, and NOTHING like my own practice. At the end, I left feeling like maybe this is why some people think journalling isn’t for them.

I’ve been journalling (or journaling, if you’re from the US) for as long as I can remember. I just write down whatever comes to mind, without really thinking much about what I’m writing. It is not well-written or beautifully composed. But I get a huge amount from it.

So I thought I’d share a bit about how journalling helps me.

It brings me joy!

One of the things I’ve been doing way more of, since stepping back from social media for a bit, is writing in my journal. It brings me so much joy!

I write in it and I draw in it and paint in it and collage in it. For so long I’ve wanted to find a way to practice my ‘art’ in it, and journalling helps me do that.

This is the journal* I’m using right now. It’s great because the paper is nice and thick. When it’s finished I’m going to splash out on one of these fancy bullet journals. But I’ve used all sorts of notebooks over the years, including basic ones from Tiger for under £2.

You don’t need to do anything to make your journal pretty. But doodling and painting and decorating mine is fun for me. My favourite places to get tapes and paints and stickers and other fun things for your journal are Nikki’s Supply Store and Papermash.

In terms of the painting, I have the least fancy paint set ever. My son got given one of these set of watercolours* and I’ve completely hijacked them. The colours are so vibrant, I love them.

It’s a safe space to dump my emotions

I find journalling to be really helpful for managing my mental health. Between moving out, and getting divorced, and becoming a single parent, and living through a pandemic (!), the past couple of years have been a *lot*.

I have been seeing an actual therapist, but really appreciate being able to journal in between sessions. And let’s face it, it’s a lot cheaper!

For this, generally I just write down whatever comes to mind. However, I do sometimes need a prompt to get me going.

Soul Nudges and Frank + Feel both share regular, great prompts on Instagram. Sasha (of Frank + Feel) also runs regular workshops, if being with a supportive group of people helps you open up.

I also recently came across this book*, which sounds absolutely fab, so have added that on to my reading list.

It helps me make more money

I use my journal as a tool in my business all the time. I write about projects I’m working on, keep a record of ideas I’m playing around with, think through problems I’ve come up against with clients…

There are endless ways that you can use journalling to help you brainstorm, feel more organised and, ultimately, make more money.

If you want to dig into using your journal more for your business, Ruth Poundwhite’s journalling course* or her free download of business journalling prompts* are a great place to start.

It helps me tap into my cycle and my intuition

I also use journalling to practice a few ‘woo’ things. I track my cycle in my Life Aligned planner (currently sold out), and am a member of Jen’s community.

For the last year or so, I’ve also started to do a regular tarot spread, and now I include that in my journal, too. I don’t believe that tarot tells the future, and if it did I don’t think I would be able to read it. But I do find that it helps me to tap into my intuiton, which I generally struggle to listen to.

If you’re looking to find out all the basics about what tarot is and how it works, Biddy Tarot is a great place to start.

My tarot set* is stunning, but a little creepy, so if that’s not what you’re into, this is a nice alternative*.

It helps me talk about emotions with my kids

And finally, I am encouraging my kids to take up journalling, too. They’ve also been through a lot these last couple of years, so it’s a nice way to talk about the day and discuss emotions with them.

I bought a pair of Happy Self Journals* for the summer months. These are fun, but I think next time I will just buy them a special (cheaper!) notebook. Each day we can go through 3 good things and how they’re feeling. They they can doodle to their heart’s content and add whatever they want to their books.

What else do you use your journal for? Leave me a comment, and let me know what your favourite way to use it is.

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5 ways journalling can help you in your life and business

4 thoughts on “5 ways journalling can help in your life and business”

  • Several years ago a friend bought me the Dawn French journal. I had kept a diary on and off for many years but never managed to sustain it for more than a few months. But since I was given this one I have kept a journal every single day since then. I absolutely love it, for many of the reasons that you cite above. And my day isn’t complete if I don’t make an entry. It gives me a voice I might not otherwise have. It helps me collect my thoughts. And it helps my ageing memory!

    • Yay, another journaller! The memory thing is another added bonus. I love being able to look back at things I’ve done and forgotten about, and also to remember how situations made me feel.

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