It is SO easy to get overwhelmed by all the ‘shoulds’ when it comes to online marketing.

You should be sharing content online mutliple times a day.

You should email your audience every week.

You should set up a funnel!

But you’re only one person, and you need time to actually do the ‘thing’ you wanted to do in the first place, not spend all of your time marketing.

I totally get it. My focus in my mentoring is helping you to find a plan that works for you while still giving you great results.

We’ll figure out your priorities, look at how you can enjoy talking about what you do instead of cringing whenever your promote yourself, and come up with a plan that makes sense for you and your time AND drives engagement and sales, too.

Get ready to clarify your online content

Hi, I’m Katie Sadler, a marketing mentor who helps people to create online content plans that work for them and their audience.

I’m also an introvert and mum of two, was born in Trinidad, and now live in SW London.

If you are an author or creative solopreneur who knows they ‘should’ be using social media, but gets anxious at the idea of promoting themselves or appearing too salesy, I can help.

I will work with you to untangle your thoughts and create a clear online content plan that feels great, effectively sells your product and engages your audience. 

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If you’re ready to work together one-one-one, I’ve got a couple of different ways I can help. Get in touch if one of them feels like your next right step, if you have any questions, or if you have something else entirely you think I’m right for.

Some nice things people have said about me

Katie played a huge part in the success of my books... Katie found creative and effective ways to get the word out... And she did it all with the utmost good cheer. I trust her with my books and so should you!
Sarah Knight
Author of the No F**ks Given Guides
Katie pulled together a clear and coherent campaign, soothed my worries about the online world and put my mind at ease as I was sure my book was in safe hands.
Dr Emma Hepburn
Author and @ThePsychologyMum
I'm so glad I have you on the end of an email.
Kate Cunningham
Author of Vlad and the Space Race
I enthusiastically recommend her.
Dr. Tracy Stanley
Author of Change Stories
The most amazing mentor to have by your side.
Jen Wright
Cycling living mentor
Katie is a doer, creative and a strategic thinker – a rare combination. More importantly she is fabulous to work with and someone you can trust 100%.
Sam Missingham
Founder, The Empowered Author
This here is the person who has guided me through the jungle that is social media and she is full of sound advice for getting yourself out there.
Cauvery Madhaven
Author of The Tainted
I spent this afternoon on a marketing mentor call for authors with Katie and, fellow writers, it was fabulous! I can't recommend Katie enough.
Rachel Burton
Author of The Summer Island Festival

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