Hype yourself! Q&A with PR expert Lucy Werner

Hype Yourself - Q&A with PR expert Lucy Werner

If you haven’t come across Lucy Werner’s Instagram feed yet, you should take a look. Full of bright, fun images and practical publicity tips for anyone who wants to get more traction for their business, her feed is an absolute delight. And she does it all with a newborn in tow, which I find absolutely remarkable. Here she shares some quick fire answers about what she does, which I hope you’ll find interesting.

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do:

Hello my name is Lucy aka Wern, and I run a PR & design business for startups and entrepreneurs. We do consultancy, coaching, courses and workshops to make brilliant publicity and branding that is affordable for small businesses.

How did you decide on the name ‘The Wern’ for your business?

Well, I jumped into my own business really quickly and needed to register as a Ltd. Lucywerner.com was taken and I thought, you know what, I’m just gonna go with my nick name. Turned out the SEO was quite good as it was unusual, so it stuck.

Why do you think it’s so important for people to hype themselves online? 

We are bombarded by brands and advertising more than ever before. The human connection really can make a big difference.

What is one thing you wish self-employed people or small business owners knew about PR? 

That is isn’t sending the same press release out to a long spreadsheet of names.

If a client only had 10-15 minutes a day to promote themselves, what would you suggest they start with? 

Talk on your Instagram stories or on your LinkedIn page. Connect with the people you would like to work with and engage with them.

How did your upcoming book, Hype Yourself, come about? 

I took a 10-day business book challenge to write my book proposal with Alison Jones who is a publishing expert. At the end of the course, I won a publishing deal with her independent business book label Practical Inspiration Publishing.

What are you working on now, and what’s coming up next? 

I’m on maternity leave but doing a lot of promotional work behind the scenes for the new book, getting the website ready and writing some paid-for guest articles for a few publications. In 2020, I hope to be doing more paid-for speaking, teaching and writing and cherry-picking just a few consultancy jobs that really take my fancy.

Lucy Werner is an author, podcaster, speaker, teacher and PR expert. She is the founder of The Wern, an award-winning consultancy for startups and entrepreneurs.

Her book Hype Yourself is available for pre-sale now.

If you want to kickstart your PR you can purchase her PR tips here.

OR learn her top ten steps for raising your profile in her online course.


Hype yourself! Q&A with PR expert Lucy Werner

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