3 tips for self-promotion (when you hate promoting yourself)

So, in my last newsletter, I talked about how I had embraced self-promotion and had been ‘selling’ every day in order to promote my free Facebook group, something (maybe not that unexpected) happened.

I totally lost the ability to promote myself.

The group was launched, and there was a nice number of people in it (and I’ve now done the first lives, which were really fun and got some great feedback!). Then the wind completely went out of my sails.

I wanted to promote my one-to-one consultations in the run up to the new year (Plan out your 2020! Start the year off right! etc) but also wanted to retreat into a little hollow in the earth and disconnect from social media for a little while.

It’s totally not unexpected because I’m an introvert and although I believe in pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, sometimes you’ve just got to take a little bit of a break to recharge.

But also: People won’t buy something if they don’t know it exists or what the value of it is. So, here are a few things I reminded myself of to get back into the swing of things.

1) Promoting yourself does not mean you are showing off.

Imagine if a friend had a small business you didn’t know much about and you asked her to tell you about it. Would you think it was annoying or overly salesy for her to tell you what she does and how it connects with people? Unlikely!

2) People need what you’re selling!

People out there are looking for the kind of thing you offer, and they really need to know that you are out there. It’s more about them than it is about you, so focus on your audience and their needs to take the focus off yourself a bit!

3) You don’t need to do the hard sell

Selling doesn’t have to be “BUY MY THING NOW FOR THE LIMITED PRICE OF BLAH!”. Especially if you’re not looking for a whole bunch of sales all in one go, but steady sales across a long period of time. It can just be sharing what you do in a natural way, and connecting with your audience to help them get to know you, like you and eventually, trust you enough to buy from you.

That said, you do have to talk about what you are working on and how someone can buy that thing. If you never mention it, they’ll never know about it.

Is it working? Well, I’ve definitely felt like I can talk about my work again, so although I haven’t been doing it every day, so…. getting there.

How do you feel about self-promotion? Any tips that make it feel easier for you?

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