7 podcast recommendations for hopeful creatives

7 podcast recommendations for hopeful creatives

I’ve been enjoying the recent explosion in podcasts so much recently. Over the past year and a bit, I’ve come across some incredible podcasts for people looking to explore their creative side – whether it’s already your business or a hobby you want to do more with. From marketing ideas to overcoming self-doubt to branding to… well, pretty much any aspect of starting up and running an online business, these podcasts are packed full of inspiration.

  1. Letters from a Hopeful Creative

See what I did there with the title of this blog post? I absolutely love this format – someone sends a letter in with a problem they’re facing in their small business, then coach Jen Carrington and Instagram superstar Sara Tasker (who has just announced her book!) look at how they would tackle it. It’s really interesting to hear from their perspectives, and I think they have a really nice dynamic together.

2. Grow with Soul

This is a reasonably new podcast, but I never miss an episode. It’s all about slow marketing, which is the approach I take in my author mentoring programme. I think Kayte is absolutely brilliant at questioning people’s assumptions about why they think they should be doing certain things when it comes to their marketing. My favourite episodes are definitely the coaching calls – so fascinating getting an insight into how other people run their businesses.

3. Courage and Spice

Sas Petherick talks with people about where their self-doubt stems from and what they do to become friends with it. If you’re ever feeling impostor syndrome, or feel yourself questioning your every decision, this is a great one to help you realise that you’re not alone, and there’s often some really actionable advice, too. If you enjoy doing a personality test, you should check out her self-doubt archetypes quiz, too.

4. Work Like a Mother

I feel like for so many women I’ve met, motherhood has ushered in an explosion in their creativity. It’s like ‘I MADE A HUMAN! DON’T MESS WITH ME!’. So I enjoy this podcast a lot, which looks at women in creative industries and how they fit their life and work around their children – how they find (or don’t find) the elusive ‘balance’ everyone’s always on about.

5. There Are Other Ways

Interviews with people who are not following the 9-5 path. The guests on this show overlap a bit with some of the other shows, but Fiona is a wonderful interviewer, and I always come away feeling inspired. My favourite episode was this one, on mental health – an insight into someone’s experience of depression that I haven’t really come across anywhere else. Really helpful for anyone who might be experiencing, or around someone who is going through depression.

6. What She Said

Lucy covers a wide range of topics in this podcast – my favourite episodes were around body positivity and SEO (SO MANY TIPS), so pretty different. Generally they fall under the heading of blogging and lifestyle, and I just think they’re really interesting. Lucy is a great host, and I don’t just say that because she introduced me to the best vegan doughnut I’ve ever eaten. Lots of useful information in this podcasts for anyone with a blog they’d like to grow.

7. Elise Gets Crafty

Although the people she speaks to are generally in handmade businesses, this isn’t just about craft – it’s more about how the guests have grown their business, how they’re changing in the ways they work, how they find time for themselves, etc. She also does some really great solo episodes, where she talks for 15-20 minutes about one thing she’s been working on lately. I really loved her solo episode about writing a book. Love hearing from authors on how they find the process.

So, that’s my seven. I’m also really looking forward to the launch of Creatively Human from Ruth Poundwhite – it sounds just up my street.

What are you listening to right now? I love getting new podcast recommendations, so send them my way!

PS: Want some more recommendations from a slightly more bookish angle? This list from The Lit Edit is great.


7 podcast recommendations for hopeful creatives

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