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A Life of Words: Helping authors tell their story online all year-round

You know when you get an idea, and you think, “that’s crazy, don’t be ridiculous,” but it won’t go away? Like you’ve turned a light on in your head, and no matter what you try, you can’t turn it back on again?

That’s what it’s been like in my head lately. After working with hundreds of authors over the last ten years, I was hearing the same questions again and again from some of them when it came to their online presence:

“What’s a realistic amount of time to spend on social media? Wouldn’t that time be better spent writing? I just don’t know what to say.”

Creating a presence online IS worth the time and effort, but the amount of time and effort needs to be realistic to be sustainable, and the ‘reward’ needs to feel like it’s worth it.

The fact is that very author I’ve ever worked with has loads to say. And for many readers (myself included), getting a true insight into an author’s life is fascinating. And for authors to build a connection with an author they love is really meaningful. And authors who foster this connection will find themselves with a team of supportive advocates come publication period.

So the idea sat and percolated. Then I started to speak about it with people. I spoke about it with friends and family and colleagues and strangers on the internet and essentially the answer kept coming back to: you need to do this.

So. I thought I might as well give it a go.

Introducing A Life of Words

I want to help authors to find their voice and tell their stories online. All year round.

If you’re an author who’s ever felt they could be doing so much more online, but just don’t know where to start, my author mentoring programme is for you.  If you want to create a year-long, sustainable marketing plan (that doesn’t make you feel like you’re selling out!), this is for you. If you share loads already but have the feeling you could be doing it so much better, this is for you.

Want to know more? You can see the full author mentoring programme description here.

I am only offering five places on the course, as each author’s programme will be tailored to their individual challenges. So if it sounds like something that could help you, get in touch before 17th October, when registration ends (‘class’ starts on the 19th!).

Not for you, but think you know someone who might be interested? Please forward them the mentoring course description! 

I’m so excited to share this with you and I hope you can help me spread the news of this far and wide!

Thanks so much for your support. I really hope I’ll be working with a few of you very soon.

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A Life of Words: Helping authors tell their story online all year-round

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