8 authors with great Instagram feeds

8 authors with great Instagram feeds

So, this is clearly hugely subjective. I got SO MANY recommendations when I put a call out for people’s favourite author Instagram accounts, and many did not make this list. What might instantly appeal to me might completely turn someone off, and vice versa.

What makes an Instagram feed great to me? These were the ones I came across that made me hit ‘follow’ right away. They don’t all have perfect lifestyle shots (although some do), but they all look great and have a really appealing tone of voice in the captions, too.

In no particular order…

1// Zoe Lea (Found via Trona, latest book If He Wakes)

Books and tea, cozy reading in bed, stop motion animations, and this ridiculously brilliant picture of her and her dog reading while she’s wearing a full head alligator mask. I mean: Do you really need any more evidence that you should follow her? Lovely photos, but a great sense of humour, too.

2// Rachel Burton (Found via Gem. Latest book The Things We Need to Say)

Lots of tea, books and cats. A simple and lovely feed. Rachel just comes across as a genuinely nice, friendly person, which certainly makes you want to buy a book or two from her!

3// Rachel Lucas (Found via Jax Blunt, latest book State of Grace)

I was aware of Rachel already, as she’s come very highly recommended by Jax (and is therefore in the latest edition of the Unsung Book Club – sign up!). I love the photos she’s created for State of Grace, the images of her writing process are so interesting to me (especially this one!), and the ones she shares of her writing space are also really lovely.

4// Laura Jane Williams (Lost track of the number of people who recommended her to me! But first was probably Rabya. Latest book Ice Cream for Breakfast)

Photos of her life and many photos of her house. Probably the least bookish of all of the people featured, but I think the reason people love her feed so much is because it looks like she’s having FUN with everything she’s doing. And if that’s not something to make someone stick around and want to read their book, what is?

5// C G Drews (Found via the bookstagram hashtag. Latest book A Thousand Perfect Notes)

Rainbow Brite coloured book-based backdrops with flowers and origami and yet more books. So bright you might need sunglasses. I saw her feed on #bookstagram and instantly followed her. Just so freaking pretty. I’m a sucker for a brightly coloured feed.

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6// Lucy Clarke (Found because I used to work at HarperCollins. Latest book You Let Me In)

Lucy lives by the seaside with her gorgeous husband and two beautiful children. She writes from a beach hut, and posts a combination of writing posts, family posts and just lifestyle posts from someone who makes the English seaside look better than the Riviera. Absolutely gorgeous. Her last book, You Let Me In, features an author with a beautiful Instagram feed where things aren’t quite as perfect behind the scenes. A must-read if you enjoy domestic drama/thrillers.

7// E J Mellows (Found via Tamsien. Latest book The Animal Under the Fur)

Just some seriously gorgeous photography. In a similar vein to Lucy Clarke, you kind of just want to step into her life because it looks so beautiful. She somehow manages to find hundreds of different ways of styling her laptop to share what she’s working on!

8// Jen Campbell (Found via Cloudbusting. Latest book The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night)

I know it’s the summer, but Jen just makes England look beautiful. Lots of snaps of landscapes and pictures of her and her books (and the cutest little dog, too!) – a sweet and fun feed.

So. That’s my list of authors with great Instagram feeds. Who’s on your list?


8 authors with great Instagram feeds

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