My brand new bullet journal

Brand new bullet journal

Early this month, I decided to set up a brand new bullet journal. I’d heard people rave about them, then got sucked down a bullet journal rabbit hole on Instagram, and quickly decided I wanted one of my own. I recently realised that I seem to spend all of my ‘me time’ washing dishes, doing laundry, picking up toys, and staring at a screen. So I thought it would be a good way to give me a bit of a creative outlet while still being productive.

I already have a diary, which I’m really happy with, so I’m not using this for keeping on top of things like birthdays, or events, it’s more about the collections – lists of things I want to remember, whether that be memories or meal planning.

I’m not too far down the line in using this, but thought I’d share a few of the spreads I’ve done so far.

Brand new bullet journal 3

On the left I’ve got my shopping list and on my right I’ve got my meal planner/tracker. I’m putting this in pencil, because meals do swap and change. Also – I clearly took this photo last week when it was empty – it’s pretty much full now, I assure you! For a more up-to-date photo, see my Instagram. I’ve had a meal planning pad for ages, but it is quite annoying, as it runs Monday – Sunday, when in reality, we tend to get food in just before the weekend, so need a planner for Thursday to Wednesday. This hand drawn one works way better for me.

Brand new bullet journal

One page to contain all the maternity to-do list bits! I STILL haven’t packed my maternity bag! So. Yeah, I need to do that. I also want to get a few things done in the two weeks before the baby (theoretically) arrives, including do some freezer cooking so that we actually have food in the freezer and don’t need to think about what to eat when she gets here. Having it all together, rather than on various lists in my diary and on my phone, is incredibly useful.

Not pictured, I’ve also got a gratitude log, a monthly memory list, a list of books I’ve read so far this year, a snapshot of my favourite things about Theo at 2, the details of Theo’s birthday party (as well as gifts received for my own, far less important, birthday), blog ideas, and lots more. I’m really enjoying the ability to be totally flexible, and like laying out the pages. I’m definitely not as creative as some of the other people I’ve seen out there – my calligraphy skills are non-existent for a start! – but it’s still a nice project to work on.

I have plans for things I’d like to track in February – gifts for the new baby, thank you cards sent, all the stats about the baby’s birth, feeding and sleeping habits (as they form) etc, but I’ll have to see how I get on when the little one arrives. I’ll update you again soon!

Resources I’ve found useful if you’re thinking of starting a bullet journal:

In terms of products*, I’ve bought:

So far I am really happy with all of my purchases. I can see how easily I could become addicted to buying new stationery, but I’m keeping in minimal for now. I do also have some Paperchase gel pens (which I already had), but they go through the page quite a lot, so I don’t think I’ll be using them much. I’d also recommend having a pencil and eraser so that you can set up any lines/boundaries you’ll later want to erase.

Are you a bullet journaller? Any tips? Any collections you love? Any blog posts you think I should read? I’d love to know how people are using theirs – I find the whole thing fascinating – such a peek into people’s minds! Share your links, please!

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