Work with me

For authors

I work with authors to help them develop content marketing plans that are effective without being overwhelming. If you want to spend less time marketing yourself and more time writing, I can help you come up with a clear plan, prioritise what is most important to you, and start getting results from your online content. 

There are a number of different ways to work with me, which I’ve outlined below. If you’d like to book some mentoring, let me know a little bit about your situation, and I’ll help you work out what the best fit would be. I have a zero pressure policy, and will always say if I think another mentor or marketer would be a better fit for you.

That said, if I think I am the right person to help you, I’ll tell you that, too! I have really happy clients and consider myself a pretty good person to work with! If you have any questions at all, never hesitate to get in touch.


For publishers

As well as working directly with authors, I also work with publishers to plan and execute multimedia marketing plans. If you need a safe pair of hands for your upcoming campaigns, drop me an email.

Workbooks and workshops

Want to get started with creating your online content plan? I’ve got an online shop full of products designed to help you understand why you’re online, who you’re speaking to, and how to create your plan.

Please note that the shop is curently being updated. New products and workshops will begin to launch in 2021. To get the latest news on new products, make sure you sign up to my newsletter.


It doesn’t matter how small or large your audience size is. I believe that everyone has the potential to use their online content to connect with their ideal audience and drive sales.

I will help you create a clear plan for your online channels that is aligned with your values and effective at engaging your audience and driving sales.


During the first week, I will send you a questionnaire to ask you about where you are struggling most and what your goals are for your online channels.

You will then receive a personalised report which delves into:

  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Use of social channels
  • Use of any other channels (newsletter, blog etc)
  • Clarity of your website

If you are an author, I will also look at your cover imagery and Amazon pages.

This report will go into details on what you are doing well, what you should stop doing, and will also suggest multiple ideas for ways you can improve audience engagement, increase sales and start getting closer to your goals.

After you have received your report, you will have 4 weeks of unlimited email access to me where I can answer any questions you might have, we can brainstorm different ideas and we can start creating your clear and effective online plan.

Investment: £450, or two monthly payments of £225

Action and accountability: 3 months of ONE-to-one mentoring

Whether you need help with a specific marketing idea or just want to chat about your turning your dreams into something real, I’m here to help you set realistic goals and then break those down into the steps you need to acheive them. We’ll dive into your audience and what engages them, brainstorm ideas, and build a plan you can implement with ease.


  • A introductory questionnaire to help me familiarise myself with where you are and to help you focus on what you’d like us to work on
  • Six 60x minute calls over the course of three months – roughly one every other week
  • Action points sent out to you after each call
  • Email support for the three month period
  • We will begin with a kick off meeting to establish your goals and create a 12 week plan to help you move towards that target.

  • This will be followed up with weekly emails and monthly calls to check in on how you’re doing, keep you accountable and on track, brainstorm ideas and rework the plan if needed.


  • You have a clear idea of what you’d like to be doing, but aren’t sure how to get there
  • You want practical, bespoke advice, feedback and support
  • You need someone to keep you accountable to the plan you create
  • You need help building an online marketing plan for your book, online product or service based business


  • You are looking for someone to provide you with all of the answers
  • You would like to outsource the ‘doing’ work to someone else

Investment: £1425, or three monthly payments of £475