Work with me

Whether you are a small business, freelancer or author, I would love to help you get clarity in your marketing activity. 

I can help you approach things differently, brainstorm new ideas, or adjust what you’re already doing to make it more effective.⁣

If you’ve got a million ideas, but no idea where to start or what to prioritise, I can help you figure out what’s really important and where to focus.⁣

If you have never done any kind of marketing before and want someone to talk you through the process from start to finish, I can do that, too.⁣

I won’t tell you what to do, but I will offer ideas, share my experience with you, chat through different options, act as a soundboard or brainstorm partner, and am always, always in your corner.⁣

So, that’s what I do. It’s pretty fun and so far, the people I’ve worked with have all been saying nice things about me!

Whether you need help with a specific marketing idea or just want to chat about your turning your dreams into something real, I’m here to listen, help you set realistic goals and then create a plan of action to acheive them.

workbookS and workshops

Want to get started with creating your online content plan? I’ve got an online shop full of products designed to help you understand why you’re online who you’re speaking to, and how to create your plan.

As an author

I offer a number of packages that are specifically for authors. I have worked in the book industry for over 12 years and would love to work with you on launching your book or sustaining your author profile over time.

Email mentoring

Over the course of one month, we can go back and forth on honing your audience, narrowing in on the best content and channels for you and coming up with a doable plan of action.

Online marketing audit

If you need someone to cast a kind but critical eye over your marketing plan or social media activity, and suggest how you can add to or change your plan to make it most effective, this is for you.