Work with me

workbookS and workshops

Want to get started with creating your online content plan? I’ve got an online shop full of products designed to help you understand why you’re online who you’re speaking to, and how to create your plan.

ONE-to-one mentoring

Whether you need help with a specific marketing idea or just want to chat about your turning your dreams into something real, I’m here to help you set realistic goals and then break those down into the steps you need to acheive them. We’ll dive into your audience and what engages them, brainstorm ideas, and build a plan you can implement with ease.

PICK MY BRAINS power hour

If you’d like to chat through a particular problem you’re having, an area where you’ve been getting stuck, or have a mini brainstorming session, get in touch to book in a one-off session to pick my brains. It’s £150 for an hour long call, and you’ll come away buzzing with loads of new ideas.