About me

About me

Hi, I’m Katie, and I’m an award-winning marketer with over 14  years of experience.

Originally from Trinidad, I moved around a bit as a kid – we lived in Mexico City, then New York City, before I finally moved over to the UK for university at 19.

Over those early years, I met a stream of new people, and didn’t always fit in. I ended up with great friends at each stage of my life, but when I was the ‘new kid’, struggling to get up the courage to chat to people, books were always there for me. I was a huge reader as a child, and that remains today. 

Now I feel like I have the world’s best job – helping people to discover more amazing books.

After working in-house for over ten years, I started a side-hustle working with authors in 2018, and then went fully freelance in 2019. Now, I have a ‘portfolio career’, juggling office life, freelance projects and one-to-one work with authors. I also create free resources and digital products to help authors with their marketing (you can find everything I offer right here).

My passion is helping authors tell their story online, and connect with their readers directly. I help them to clarify who they are speaking to, untangle their message and build a sustainable online presence which allows them to reach new readers. 

As well as reading, I love to write, so you’ll find me blogging here pretty regularly about marketing, mindset and goal-setting (with a few personal bits thrown in for good measure). I also send out a fortnightly newsletter, which goes behind-the-scenes of what I’m up to. The topic changes from email to email, but I’ve had so much wonderful feedback about it, with some people telling me it’s their favourite newsletter to receive (thanks guys!). 

Want to get help with your online presence? Find out about my current offerings here.