40 free ways to promote your book online without social media

Social media can, and does, sell books. 

However, the constantly changing algorithms mean that even just reaching the people who want to hear from you, isn’t as straightforward as that should be. On Instagram, I’ve also witnessed several accounts which have been deleted without cause or notice, and which have taken weeks to get back up and running. 

Having another way to reach readers feels increasingly essential for authors.

What I want you to know is that social media is not the only way to do this

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I picked up some great simple, achievable tips from this I was able to implement straight away – thank you Katie for pulling all these suggestions together.

Ana Samson, author of She is Fierce and so many other wonderful poetry collections

Thank you for the book promo resource, it is great and has helped me to realise some places I can be doing more without having to slog my guts out on social media. I have been in a flurry of trying to do EVERYTHING and getting overwhelmed so it is great to have something to give me more of a plan. A download with actual substance

Helen Hill, author of Falling Off The Ladder