#LifeCaptured – Memories from March 2016


#LifeCaptured - Memories from March 2016Taking part in the #LifeCaptured project, keeping memories every month.


What do you love about summer?

When I lived in the US, you knew when summer had arrived. It was hot and sunny and sticky, and you’d put away your winter clothes and wear shorts or skirts or dresses for a few months. If you wanted to go to the beach, you could be pretty confident that whenever you decided to go, it would still be hot and sunny and sticky.

In the UK, you don’t have that at all. One day it might be hot and sweaty, then next you need to wear a coat, the next it’s raining, then back to being hot. That’s frustrating for all sorts of reasons but the thing I love about it is that you REALLY appreciate those days. Last summer, I spent so many days in the park having picnics, wandering the paths with the buggy, enjoying coffee outside. I went on a family holiday to Norfolk where it was sunny almost every day. It really felt like summer and I really, really appreciated it. You never take a sunny day for granted here, and that’s got to be a good thing.

What sort of dessert do you like in the evenings?

I used to love a bit of chocolate in the evenings. Chocolate of any kind would work, but a nibble of something sweet after dinner would always go down well. My two favourite things were Gu chocolate pots or some kind of ice cream. Oh, my, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Then I did the gut diet and since completing it I think I’ve worked out that the thing that was really affecting my sleep was this late evening sugar. So I’m trying very hard not to have pudding in the evenings anymore. Sad times.

What do you like to wear to bed?

I wear some awesome pyjamas from Boden (which no longer seem to be on their website, sadly) and one of Peter’s old polo shirts. I started wearing the shirt for nursing, as the buttons go really low down, but actually it’s super comfy, so I think I’ll be holding on to it for the forseeable future.

Every now and again I feel like I want to have prettier, more feminine nightwear, but it needs to be super cosy, so flannel PJs are definitely it for me.

Describe a typical Monday.

Theo wakes up at the crack of dawn, and I give him some milk. He impatiently climbs off of our bed and then runs around our bedroom laughing and squealing and painting with the milk (he shakes the bottle until some comes out, then using my make up brush to paint the milk on to the floor. I keep washing the brush, but I think I need to get a new one soon…). Then after I change him, he goes into his cot to ‘read’ while I shower. Generally he ends up shouting for me while I’m washing my hair, so it’s usually a short shower. Then we go downstairs to play in the living room for a bit before breakfast.

After breakfast, we play in the living room some more. He hands me books and crawls onto my lap, and I read them to him. Right now our favourite toy is a big cardboard box – we both lie down in it and play until Theo starts trying to bite me.

At around 10, he goes down for his nap, which can be between an hour to two hours’ long. He’s still transitioning to one nap, so he gets really tired in the mornings, despite not wanting an afternoon nap.

When he wakes up we have some kind of lunch and then go out for an afternoon activity. This could be a visit to soft play or going out to see a friend for coffee. We’ll head home around 3, so that he has his snack on the journey home. I’ve found that if he has a snack, he doesn’t mind being on the bus, but if he doesn’t, he really lets you (and everyone else on the bus) know his feelings.

When we get home, we play in the living room for a bit longer, then Theo has an early supper at around 4:45. Peter generally gets home just after 5, so goes to get changed while we finish up supper. While he eats, I might prep some food for the evening or make my breakfast and lunch for work the next day. This is followed by more playing, then we head upstairs for us evening bottle at around 6:20. He has his milk, then we give him his bath, give him a bit more milk if he’s still hungry, get him dressed, brush his teeth, read him a story and then put him to bed!

It doesn’t sound that tiring, but it really is, and after his bedtime, I’m usually ready for bed myself! But one of us will get some food ready, and we eat around 7:30. Then we watch TV or I’ll work on blog stuff before turning in for the night at 9pm, to read in bed for an hour or so before going to sleep.

What sort of adventures do you dream of going on?

I really, really want to spend some time in Asia. I have friends living in Cambodia and Japan right now, and I desperately want to visit them!

What is your favourite thing about mornings right now?

Apart from the days when Theo laughs and squeals as he runs around the bedroom, so happy to awake and allowed to climb off the bed with his milk, every now and again, like maybe once a week, Peter and I will wake up before Theo. I snuggle into him and for a few minutes it feels like the old days, when mornings could be long and leisurely and lazy.

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