My suddenly fussy eater, and four baby-led weaning instagrammers to follow

My suddenly fussy eater

My suddenly fussy eater

Does anyone else find feeding their child kind of stressful? Theo goes through phases with his food. Some of the time, he eats like a demon. Particularly at breakfast, he will gobble up a bowl of porridge and then demand seconds. He actually eats more than me at this meal! But sometimes he doesn’t seem interested in food at all, and I have to really force myself not to focus on his eating too much. It used to be that if he was hungry, he would eat. Even if he wasn’t that hungry, he’d at least try whatever was put in front of him. But no longer!

Because all of a sudden become quite a fussy eater! When we first started baby-led weaning, he would eat any and everything – he might not eat all of it, most of it might end up on the floor, but he’d at least give things a go. He ate lots of veggies and fish and all sorts. But right now he seems to be going through a phase where all he really wants to eat is white bread with butter. Seriously! It’s not okay. Yesterday, we were at my parents’ house, and my dad had prepared loads of amazing food for us and he threw all of it on the floor. We had to make him a piece of toast to get him to eat anything at all.

Part of the problem is that I have become really lazy with his meals. He usually has our leftovers for lunch (so that’s usually reasonably varied), but he has the same thing most mornings (porridge with yoghurt and berries, although I do mix it up and do banana pancakes or toast with peanut butter from time to time) and the same thing in the evening every. single. day (apart from when he’s at nursery). Cream cheese sandwiches, a banana, and I offer him some sort of vegetable, which he never eats. It’s easy, I know he will eat enough to keep him from waking up hungry at night (he also has a bottle of milk before bed), and it is reasonably healthy.

I really need to give him a bit more variety to encourage him to try new things again. At the minute, he won’t eat many vegetables (he might take a bite, but more often than not, he throws them overboard on to the floor), he doesn’t seem to like any meat apart from ham, he won’t eat fish anymore. He won’t eat eggs (I’ve tried boiled, scrambled, and in a quiche: no, no, no). It makes me so sad!

To get me thinking about different things I can make in the evenings, I’ve started following more people on Instagram who are doing baby-led weaning successfully, and trying out different meals all the time. None of these instagrammers take highly styled or artistic images, but they are just a bit of an inspiration for me when thinking about what the heck to feed Theo for dinner.

  1. Baby-led weaning ideas – Some great recipes ideas, plus she seems really fun. She seems to eat a lof of paleo food, too, so her comments about grown-up food is helpful for me right now.
  2. Megan of Bramble Bites – Some nice, simple recipes, and I love her captions. She introduced me to the oogaa plate, which is divided into three sections, to help you portion out food a bit better. It’s definitely helped me feel a bit more confident about how much I’m giving Theo.
  3. Eric Eats – Someone I’ve only just recently started following, but I love the way she photographs breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s really helpful to see what other mums feed their babes of around the same age, as it reassures me that I’m feeding Theo more or less the same amount of food.
  4. BLW Family Meals – I love this account not so much for the baby’s food itself (although that does look good), but I LOVE #messyfacemondays, where she shares photos people have uploaded of their ridiculously messy babies. I must have approximately one million photographs of Theo mid-meal, because it makes me laugh so much just how he manages to get food all over his face. And in his hair. And between his toes. I know some people are not a fan of baby-led weaning because of the mess, but honestly, it’s easy enough to clean up (using a plate or a bowl these days makes a huge difference to this!) and it’s so much fun to watch.

I’ve been pinning loads of recipe ideas, so follow my Food for the babe board on Pinterest if you’re looking for yet more recipe ideas. And if you have any suggestions for things that your child ate and loved that don’t take a long time to prepare, or which can be prepared well in advance, PLEASE let me know. I really need a big bank of stuff I can give him. Alternately, if your 13 month year old also suddenly became a fussy eater and then reverted back to eating everything, please let me know. I REALLY hope this is just a phase…

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