10 things to read and do this weekend

Theo the Adventurer

Theo the Adventurer

  1. I love this print of Theo the Adventurer that my friend Jen made. She has just launched a new personalised print service using her letterpress and I think they are beautiful! Now to just sort myself out and actually put stuff up in Theo’s room. He’s only almost 14 months old, so it’s not taking THAT long for us to do it…
  2. I’m still reading The Chimes. My colleague suggested that I read it, and then a friend at the publisher sent me a copy (thank you, Lucy!), but I’d never heard of it before. I wish it was something more people had read so that I could speak to people about it. It’s the kind of book that makes you want to go back and reread to work things out (hence why it’s taking me a little longer than usual to read). One of the reviewers on Waterstones described it as hypnotic, and I think that is the perfect word for it. It just draws you in and carries you along with its rhythm.
  3. Advice from over 100 food bloggers (including me!) on the lessons they wish they’d known when they started cooking. My tips are around batch cooking and food safety (I have multiple burn scars, so this is a big one for me!)
  4. The greatest wisdom in life, as found in children’s literature.
  5. I am (to my shame) a huge fan of Take Me Out, and Take Me Out: The Gossip. I watch it almost every Saturday night. Peter says he doesn’t like it, yet it still seems to be on even if I’ve left the room and he’s in charge of the remote. It’s the trashiest TV, but I love it. Do you watch it? Have you noticed the safety precaution in the corner of the Herbal Essences ads that top and tail it? It makes me laugh every single time. #Pleasedontshampooyoureyes
  6. I really like that it’s actually a woman who does all the safety checks and prepares the ground for TV shows like Bear Grylls’. I associate that type of ultimate survival with real machismo, but as she says, if you act macho in that type of environment, you’re more likely to just get yourself killed.
  7. I made this Roasted Chili Maple Pork Loin and this tuna sandwich filling recently and they were both so good. Pinterest wins!
  8. Because of Theo’s adventuring, we’ve recently had to rearrange the entire living room. It looks really nice in its new layout, but doing it made me realise just how long I have been putting off buying new cushions. So I stopped putting it off and got some. Two of these, and one each of this one and this one. I love H&M home so much. Such fun patterns.
  9. How gorgeous are these organisers?
  10. This post about Donald Trump makes me so sad. This is so beyond a joke now. How is he popular with people? How is Jeb Bush considered a moderate candidate now? It feels as though American politics veer farther and farther away from the rest of the world with every further piece about the Republican campaign.

What have you been reading lately? I shouldn’t have ended this post on such a down note. Now I’m thinking about the baby dolphin that died recently because people were so busy passing it around and taking selfies that they forgot to put it back in the water (*sob*). What is wrong with people? Please tell me something cheerier!!

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  • Reply Frances

    Can’t believe you’ve publicly outed yourself as a Take Me Out fan!!! It’s my guilty pleasure too. Look up 9 pooping babies who look exactly like Donald Trump on Huffington Post this week to cheer yourself up xx

    February 19, 2016 at 11:50 am
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