#BeNourishdTidy – The working person’s cleaning rota

#BeNourishdTidy - The working person's cleaning rota

So, I’ve made a cleaning rota.

I really struggle with keeping our house clean. Peter and I seem to end up either spending hours every weekend cleaning, or not cleaning and then spending the rest of the week thinking what a state everything is in. I’ll tell you what: cleaning is satisfying but wow, also super boring. I’ve tried to find a cleaning rota that makes it feel a bit easier, but all the ones I’ve found seem to be for stay- at-home mums. Peter and I both work full time, and three hours of cleaning in the evening just isn’t going to happen!

So, I’ve written my own cleaning schedule: The working person’s cleaning rota. It’s not that catchy a name, so I’ve also called it the BeNourishd Tidy! cleaning rota. Also not that catchy, but at least it’s shorter and sort of fits in with the blog…

It’s going to be a challenge for me, because it involves a little bit of cleaning every day, but hopefully it will free up more time at the weekend, without seeming too onerous in the evenings after work. I’ve made it into a printable in case anyone wants to see if it works for them too! I’m starting next week – please join in! I’ve made a hashtag – #benourishdtidy. I would LOVE other people to take part and share their experiences/tips/suggestions.

#BeNourishdTidy - The working person's cleaning rota

Obviously some of the nights we will be out, in which case some tasks might get stacked on top of each other or swapped about. I’ve left Mondays empty, so that things can be swapped out easily (and also because Mondays suck enough without having to do cleaning). I don’t want this to be a rigid set of rules for myself, but I find I actually do things when I have a to do list and don’t feel too overwhelmed by it, so fingers crossed this will work.

At least until the baby gets here. Then I might need a rethink, or maybe a cleaner…

#BeNourishdTidy - The working person's cleaning rota

How it works:

The rota is broken up into 4 weeks. Every day there is a small cleaning job to do. Weekends have longer tasks, with one weekend in four featuring a big, annual job. Each week, tick off the things you’ve done as you do them and feel warm and satisfied (everyone feels that way about ticking things off their to do list, right?). When you do one of the annual tasks, remove it from the list and feel awesome. You don’t need to do that for another YEAR!

When I say ‘Sort out bedroom piles’, I mean, go into the bedroom and sort out all the miscellaneous piles of crap that have accumulated from the last month. Does stuff need filing? Put it aside to file. What needs to chuck out or be put away or given away? Tidy the surfaces and sort out the clutter!

This isn’t going to be for you if you’re currently already doing laundry every day, washing your sheets every week (yes, I know everyone should do this, but does anyone? At the minute, my sheets are lucky to see the washing machine every month. Gross!) and feel that hoovering should happen every couple of days.

I’ve also not included tasks on here like doing the dishes, and taking out the rubbish, because hopefully most people are managing to at least do that without thinking about it (if you aren’t, you probably need a shorter checklist with just those things on it!). But if you just want your home to not be a pigsty while putting in the minimum of effort whilst still doing it yourself, then hopefully this will be helpful. I certainly hope it’s going to help me.

Get tidy!

Download the BeNourishd Tidy! cleaning rota here.

If you take part, let me know how it’s going! #benourishdtidy

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