Marketing mentoring for authors

Let's work together: One-to-one mentoring

Feel confident in how you promote your book online.

More and more, authors are being asked to act as marketers for their books.

Social media, blogging, emails, outreach – without support, it can feel like an overwhelming task and a never-ending to-do list.

I want authors to feel confident about how they promote their book online without feeling overloaded by their to-do list.

I want to help you create a great plan, while also making it sustainable so that you can reduce overwhelm and feel good about marketing.

How my mentoring package works

We kick off with a short preliminary questionnaire. This helps me to find out where you’re currently showing up, where you want to develop and what areas you would like us to focus on when we work together – that means we can dive straight into it when we have our first call.

In that first session, we will set some goals for our time together, which we can continally refer back to, to make sure that you are getting the help that you need.

These goals are flexible and can be changed at any time, but I understand that mentoring can be a big investment, and want to make sure that you finish our time together feeling absolutely brilliant about working together and ready to take on your marketing with confidence.

We will then have fortnightly 60 minute calls to plan your activity, dig into any areas you are struggling with, brainstorm new ideas and generally get you feeling positive about what you are doing.

After each call, you will receive a short follow-up email to agree what was discussed, and what your next steps are.

To help keep you accountable, I also send you a weekly check-in to see how you’re doing, and if there is anything you need help with in the week to come.

Ready to get ongoing support?

Book in a free 15 minute chat to figure out if we’d be a good fit or drop me an email if you’ve got any questions. I have a zero pressure policy.

Your investment: 3 months: £1500 (or £500 per month) / 6 months: £2850 (or £475 per month)

Mentoring is perfect for you if:

  • You are a published or hoping-to-be-published author who wants to create a connection with your readers
  • You have too many ideas and need help focusing on the ones that will drive the best results OR have no idea where to start
  • You want to build your audience by forging real engagement, rather than paying for likes or followers
  • You want to work with someone with years of experience in publishing, digital marketing and social media
  • You want someone to brainstorm with, bounce ideas off of, and generally support you as you promote your writing

This isn’t quite right for you if:

  • You are looking for someone to create and execute a marketing plan for you, or to write social media copy on your behalf
  • You would like to focus on running paid for campaigns
  • You expect to be an instant Amazon bestseller and aren’t prepared to put in consistent work over time to grow your audience and your sales
Katie played a huge part in the success of my books... Katie found creative and effective ways to get the word out... And she did it all with the utmost good cheer. I trust her with my books and so should you!
Sarah Knight
Author of the No F**ks Given Guides
I’ve learned so much about how to proceed bearing in mind my uniqueness and voice.
Hélene Fermont
Author of The Matchmaker
Don't underestimate the importance of a strong social media presence, and Katie can help you craft one that stays true to you but helps reach the maximum audience.
Ben Freeman
Author of Jewish Pride
Katie worked with me to create content for my newsletter and to ensure that I was reaching the right readers at the right time. She is creative, hard-working and always incredibly encouraging.
Elly Griffiths
Sunday Times bestselling author
This here is the person who has guided me through the jungle that is social media. She is full of sound advice for getting yourself out there.
Cauvery Madhaven
Author of the upcoming The Tainted

About me

I have over 12 years of experience working with authors. 

From debut fiction authors to huge television brands, I’ve worked across a wide range of books. 

Since 2018, I have also been mentoring individual authors to help them develop their online presence and hone their marketing plans.

I love reading, talking about books, working with authors and finding new ways to help them connect with readers and drive more sales.


I am published by a traditional publisher – shouldn’t they do this for me?

Publishers add huge value, but the publishing cycle naturally focuses on the book publication period. I believe that as an author, you should be empowered to build a connection with readers all year round.

I believe that you need to speak to readers directly and to own that relationship, so that as well as the support you get from your publisher (if you have one) around publication, you also have a group of advocates that are rooting for you to succeed and who will help you spread the word about your books throughout the year.

I’m self-published – would this be good for me?

Yes! Absolutely. I have worked with a number of indie published authors and have enjoyed it immensely!

How does the mentoring process work?

We will arrange to talk, either via Zoom video calls or even in person if you are in South West London and restrictions allow it. In each meeting, we will review what you’ve been doing since our last chat (or what you’ve done so far, if it’s our first call). We’ll then determine what goals you would like to address and plan for, and where you are now in relation to that goal. We’ll discuss different options, brainstorm ideas, and agree a plan of action. At the end of each meeting, you will come away with a plan to carry out over the next month. In between meetings, you are welcome to get in touch with any and all questions over email or by text/voice message using the Voxer app. If I haven’t heard from you, I will also check in with you on a weekly basis to see how you are doing.

WIll you help me choose which platform to be on?

If this is something you are struggling with, we can absolutely work together to figure out where you want to focus your attentions.

Will I receive a transcript of the calls after our sessions?

No, I don’t produce a transcript. However, I will provide a summary of the key discussion topics and action points, which I send you within 2 days of our call.

Do you only work with UK-based authors?

No! I love working with authors from around the world. As long as you are able to communicate in English, I would love to hear from you.