A Life of Words – Author Mentoring Programme

A Life of Words – Author Mentoring Programme

Enrolment in A Life of Words is now closed! If you’d like to find out when the next round launches and get an exclusive discount, sign up to my mailing list. Want to work together sooner? Get in touch.

Are you an author who feels a bit stuck when it comes to your online presence?

Not sure what to talk about on social media?

Unsure about what you should be putting on your website?

Do you really need a blog?

What about a newsletter?

How do you sell your book to people without selling yourself out at the same time?

My A Life of Words programme will help you nail down what you really need to focus on and help you develop a sustainable plan to tell your story beyond publication day, building connections with readers all year round.

The next round starts on 15th March. I would love you to join us!

Who I am

I have over ten years of experience working with authors within the publishing industry. I started off working in digital marketing at Ebury Publishing (Penguin Random House), moved on to the fiction team at HarperCollins, and now work across fiction and non-fiction at Quercus, part of Hachette.

From debut fiction authors to huge television brands, I’ve worked across a wide range of books (take a peek at my About page if you’d like to know more). I love reading, talking about books, working with authors and connecting them with readers.

Why I created A Life of Words

Publishers add huge value, but the publishing cycle naturally focuses on the book publication period. I believe that as an author, you should be empowered to build a connection with readers all year round.

I believe that you need to speak to readers directly and to own that relationship, so that as well as the support you get from your publisher (if you have one) around publication, you also have a group of advocates that are rooting for you to succeed and who will help you spread the word about your books throughout the year.

Now, alongside my day job, I am offering training and mentoring to help you tell your story online: to develop a year-long plan for growing your audience, engaging with them, and then converting them to readers and reviewers come publication period.

This is not about becoming an Instagram influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers, but about reaching the right people, sharing your story with them, and in turn, driving sales and creating new readers and advocates for your books.

The A Life of Words programme will involve:

  • Four weeks of course material focusing on:
    • Week one: Nailing your target audience
    • Week two: Figuring out what you want to say
    • Week three: Deciding which platforms are best for you
    • Week four: Creating an online plan
  • Each week is broken down into simple steps and has some homework for you at the end
  • A private Facebook group where we can come together to discuss any ideas you have, issues you are coming up against, or inspiration you have come across
  • After each week’s module, you can share our thoughts with the other authors in the Facebook group, or we can have a private conversation on email
  • Weekly social media prompts in the Facebook group for the next year (at least)
  • Monthly e-mail check-ins for six months to see how you’re progressing, with suggestions for things to think about that month
  • Three additional mini-guides, to be sent along with the first three monthly check-ins
  • A toolkit that you can keep for life to build a year-round sustainable digital marketing plan that you feel comfortable with

I would LOVE to work with you. The next round kicks off on the 15th March – just get in touch to book in your place or hit the ‘add to cart’ button below to pay via Paypal.

I’m in! How much is it?

Access to the mentoring programme is an investment of £450 per person.

You’ll be getting accountability and access to my expertise, insight and support for six months, plus a planning toolkit to refer back to and lifetime membership to a private community of like-minded authors on Facebook, which will grow with each new intake on to the course.

A Life of Words is for you…

…if you are an author who wants to work on a long-term plan to build your readership.

…if you are up and running with your social media but feel like you’re never sure what to post.

…if you haven’t got any online presence at all, and are starting from scratch or have only taken a few steps and aren’t sure what to do next.

…if you want work with me to create genuine engagement around your books and forge an authentic connection with your readers

Does that sound like something you’d like to do? Class kicks off on the 15th of March, so get in touch on email or hit the button below and reserve your place.

A Life of Words is NOT for you…

…if you’re looking for a quick fix or an instant increase in sales

…if you don’t want to engage with your readers

…if you want someone to do the work for you (I can do that, too, but not as part of this programme!)

Want to know more? Drop me an email to discuss how this programme can help you to connect with your readers.

If you’re not an author, but know someone who is (or who is hoping to become one), please pass this on to them! I really appreciate your help in spreading the word around this new venture.

Want to know more?

Any questions? Drop me an email at any time and I’ll do my best to answer them.