Pivot! Announcing something new

Is it possible to say the word ‘PIVOT’ without picturing Ross from Friends holding a sofa? For me, definitely not. But it’s still the word that comes to mind.

I’m making some big plans for my business over the next few months, so I hope you’ll stick around as I make these changes. I want to keep writing about the things that are on my mind and having great conversations with you, but I also want to talk more about my work and what lights me up about it.

Because here’s what lights me up: Connecting with people online. I’ve been in this space for as long as I can remember (AOL chat rooms anyone? ICQ? Just me?) and I think it’s pretty special.

I’ve made brilliant friends through my screen, who I’ve met up with in real life, and whose kids I’ve cuddled. I’ve found people that inspire me every day and help me figure out what I’m doing in business and beyond. And I’ve also gotten work thanks to people who’ve said they enjoyed my blog or who got chatting to me on Twitter. The internet is powerful, folks!

One of my favourite parts of my job is helping people to tell their story online in a compelling way and engage with their audience to start building up genuine connections. You don’t have to spend your entire life online, or write epic essays every month like I sometimes do. You just have to know your audience and find ways to connect with them.

So, I’m launching the group as a way of bringing like-minded people together. People who like social media, but don’t want to be consumed by it. Who want to use their mailing list, but feel like it’s too much of a time commitment. Who know blogging is great for SEO, but can’t find the time to post anything up there. Who want to promote themselves or their product but can’t get over the incredible CRINGE factor (we can work through that one together, as I’m definitely still not over it).

We’ll talk audience, time, mindset as well as focus in on some of the key online channels. And hopefully a nice little community of creatives, business-owners and authors will spring up to create a space where we can all support each other. I would love you to come and join me!

Not least because I’ll be going live pretty much every week, and I would really appreciate it if it wasn’t just my parents watching (hi to them both, as I know they’ll be reading this email!). Doors open at the beginning of November, but if you sign up below, you’ll be the first to know when the group goes live.


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