I feel like you could go to Katie with a pile of crumpled, barely legible notes and tangled thoughts and, like the good fairy of marketing, it would take her only moments to magically whip them up into a clear To Do list and implementable marketing plan. Her organisation skills along with years of experience make her the most amazing mentor to have by your side, and I’m so excited to keep working with her.

Jen Wright
Coach and Mentor, Silly Heart

I was incredibly lucky to work with Katie when we set up a new digital imprint for HarperCollins. Without her expertise and enthusiasm, the imprint, now five years old, would be nothing. Truly innovative, Katie was always looking to support our authors by working with new ideas, new partners and test forward-thinking models that hadn’t been used before in publishing. She’s one of the only people in the book world I trust to know what they are talking about.

Charlotte Ledger, Publisher
One More Page, HarperCollins

I worked with Katie Sadler for a year when she was the Senior Marketing Manager at Quercus. Katie masterminded the campaign for my first stand-alone, The Stranger Diaries. It was a new departure for me and I was nervous about it but Katie’s calm good sense meant that I always knew that my book was in safe hands. 

Katie was particularly impressive when planning a social media campaign, an area where I had very little experience. She worked with me to create content for my newsletter and to ensure that I was reaching the right readers at the right time. She is creative, hard-working and always incredibly encouraging. I would recommend working with Katie to any author.

Domenica de Rosa (aka Elly Griffiths)

Katie is extremely experienced, highly organised and wonderfully proactive. Katie brings creativity and a genuine love of books and publishing to the table as well – she’s a real asset to any team and a delight to work with.

Bethan Ferguson, Marketing Director
Quercus Books

Katie is one of the most focused and driven colleagues I’ve ever worked with. She is a doer, creative and a strategic thinker – a rare combination. More importantly she is fabulous to work with and someone you can trust 100%.

Sam Missingham
Founder The Empowered Author

Katie is always full of creative ideas and I am always in awe of how she actually translates those into actions that she can implement to create the best possible campaign.

Hannah Robinson, Publicity Director
Quercus Books