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About Katie Sadler

Hi, I’m Katie, and I’m an award-winning marketer with over ten years of experience within the publishing industry.

My passion is helping authors to create their online story. From creating community to building their online presence, I want to help authors build a sustainable online presence and allow them to reach new readers.

I also blog on here about mindful living, marketing and planning (with a few personal bits thrown in for good measure).

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My publishing story…

May 2007 – March 2012
Ebury Publishing, Penguin Random House
Digital Marketing Executive, promoted to Digital Marketing Manager

My first job in publishing. “Living the dream”, as it were. And it was. In the time I was there, I got to work on some incredible books. From the Dalai Lama to the Great British Bake Off, parenting books, personal development books and Doctor Who – I got to work on a hugely diverse range of non-fiction.

In 2010, I was promoted to Digital Marketing Manager. I hired and started managing a new Digital Marketing Executive, and continued my work marketing both huge brands and brand new names.

March 2012 – January 2018
Digital Marketing Manager, promoted to Senior Marketing Manager

After 5 years at Ebury, I was ready to move on. I applied to a non-fiction job at HarperCollins. “We also have a fiction role available, if you’re interested”, came the reply from HR. Well, I had never worked in fiction before, and that sounded quite fun, so I immediately amended my CV and applied. It was an amazing sounding job, and luckily, they liked me too!

I had a lot of career highlights in my time at HarperCollins, working on campaigns that delivered Kimberley Chambers’ first ever number one, SJ Parris’ first ever number one, Charles Cumming’s highest ever chart placement, presenting at the Book Marketing and Publicity Conference about Game of Thrones, getting involved in community development and author submissions with the launch of the HarperImpulse imprint… the list goes on and on.

I had a lot of personal highlights, too. In the time I was there, I got married and had two children! By the end of my time there, I felt like a completely different person, and on my second maternity leave, I knew I needed a new challenge.

February 2018 – Present
Quercus Books
Senior Marketing Manager (Maternity Cover)

So here I am: thoroughly enjoying myself at Quercus. I have already learned so much in my short time at this wonderful company – doing more people management and perfecting the art of Adespresso Facebook marketing. As well as planning and executing plans for bestsellers like Elly Griffiths and Peter May, I have also been working closely on the Quercus newsletter, increasing sales and revenue every month since I started.

What else do I do?

  • I share my love for books that haven’t made the bestseller list on my mailing list, Unsung Books
  • I blog about parenting, personal development and food
  • I love to garden, walk in the forest, write and watch terrible movies. Oh, and of course, I LOVE to read.

Want to work together or have a question for me? Get in touch.

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