Welcome spring

Welcome spring

Welcome spring

Oh, this winter has been long. I won’t wang on about it, but jeez, I am ready for some sun and not having to layer my kids up every time we leave the house (also: one day a couple of weeks ago, both children started to cry before we even arrived at the park before they were so cold – next winter, I need to seriously up their cold weather gear).

Last week was the spring equinox, and there were so many lovely instagram posts from people celebrating the start of spring. Han Bullivant’s post about how she celebrates spring in particular was so inspirational to read. I wish I was this organised!

But there are a few things I think I COULD do. I love the idea of having a little collection of books that comes out at the equinox and a list of things I want to do across the season. Am I organised enough to remember to do that? Maybe.

But there are a few other things I could do to welcome the season and celebrate the lighter evenings and the feeling of optimism that I think spring always brings with it.

I want to start sending some ‘just because’ post. I might even write a letter or two. Mostly, my plan is to send some cards out to people I’ve been thinking of to let them know I’ve been thinking of them and to say hello. I think a bit of random post is always well received, right?

I’m going to continue finding time for my parents to take the kids so that Peter and I can have some time just the two of us. It’s so important to spend time as a couple, and although our plan of getting outside every month hasn’t quite worked out as planned (we’ve done 2/3 months so far, but on one walk it rained the entire time, and on the other, we were walking through the Beast from the East), it’s worth the effort and getting wet, just to spend a good chunk of time outside.

I also need some time by myself, so I’ve booked myself a short massage later on this week, and at the beginning next month I’ve booked off a day to myself – kids are at nursery, husband will be at work – I’m going to meet some friends and have a long bath and read my book and not do anything from my chore list at all. Ok, that probably won’t happen, I’m SURE there will be laundry, but I’ll try not to book in anything else productive. I also have a two hour yoga brunch (vegan!) toward the end of April – cannot wait.

I went a bit ‘crazy’ in Tesco the other day and bought some Easter biscuit cutters. Theo and I made some bunny and chick biscuits on Sunday and it was lovely (and delicious). More of that! Also, I need to stop being so tight. Like – I loved the idea of having spring biscuit cutters, but I was so reluctant to actually put them in my basket, even though I know I’ll use them again and again (as I have used my Christmas biscuits cutters repeatedly).

I’m going to order up all my vegetable plugs, and spend some of the spring season out in the garden planting things out. Theo and I spent one of Beatrice’s naptimes on Friday weeding and digging for worms (guess who did what) and it was SO lovely. Just being the fresh air in a relaxed setting, without having to trek on the buggy board to get there – I swear it improved his behaviour for the entire rest of the day.

And speaking of plants, I want to bring more plants indoors. In the garden, I’m pretty good at keeping things alive, but it seems that when it comes to houseplants, I need some more indestructible green friends, so I’m going to buy a few that have been recommended to me and hope I get on okay with them!

What are you most looking forward to this season? How are you bringing spring indoors?

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