July goal-setting: Time to take a break

Goal setting for July: Time to take a break

This month feels way more successful than last month. Even though this blasted 30 day challenge is on there for, I think, the FOURTH MONTH IN A ROW, I have made peace with the fact that I’m not in a place right now to do yoga every damn day…

  1. 7x fruit or veg a day. This started out so badly, but ended up being probably the best goal I’ve set in a long time. It’s actually reasonably easy to have 2 fruit or veg with each meal and then either a piece of fruit or some carrot sticks as a snack. And on the days I didn’t hit 7, I EASILY hit 5, so I could this as a major win.
  2. Yoga twice a week. Guys, I clearly am not prioritising my yoga time right now. I managed around once a week. I have no excuse. But keeping it on the list means I keep doing it, which I need to, because post-pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding back is not good.
  3. Review my finances again now that I’m on maternity pay. I’ve done this and man, it was depressing. I’m thinking about maybe doing a few hours of virtual assisting during naps/evenings. Anyone else done this? A friend I know works through this website and really rates it, but any tips, let me know.
  4. Enjoy my first baby-free night out! I actually had two! The first was a huge success – went to a hen do, had fun, came home. The second one was great in that I saw some of my favourite people on this planet, and had a great meal and lots of laughs with them, but poor Peter had to deal with a screaming Beatrice who woke up inconsolable. He ended up giving her an emergency bottle, which seemed to do the trick, but I think he’s been put off having solo evenings for a little while!
  5. Finish painting the kitchen doorway. TICK. Feels so good to say that!!
  6. Sort out the bedroom table, one of our massive dump zones. I did this at the beginning of the month and it was great, but somehow it’s become covered in stuff again, soooo.. ongoing.
  7. Book in my parents for another night of babysitting. I didn’t end up doing this for a couple of reasons – 1) I had a last minute holiday in France and 2) my dad ended up going to Trinidad a week earlier than originally planned for some work stuff. We’ve decided where we want to go, though, so will definitely get this booked in soon.

And next month’s goals are…

  1. Continue aiming for 7 fruit or veg a day.
  2. Continue plodding my way through the 30 Day Yoga Challenge
  3. 3 days no spend each week
  4. Enjoy introducing Theo and Beatrice to Trinidad!
  5. Paint the living room door
  6. Go through the medicine cabinet – I’m convinced 90% of the stuff in there is out of date
  7. Take a month off my habit tracker and a week (or two) off the blog. I won’t be blogging while I’m on holiday (although clearly I will be on Instagram), and I may take the following week off, too, depending on whether I get anything written before I go away. And although the habit tracker is wonderful for many reasons, since I’m away for a chunk of the month, it seems kind of silly to draw one out. So a mini break, it is!

What are your goals for the next month?

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