Love Love Love List: June 2017

Things I've loved this month - June 2017

Things I've loved this month - June 2017

JUNE! Wow, what a great month. Apart from non-stop hayfever, it has been wonderful. My friend arrived from the US for the entire month with her family (they’re staying not too far away which is lovely), my in-laws came to stay, and Theo, Beatrice and I took a last minute trip to the Alps to stay with a friend and her mum for a couple of days.

My friend texted me last week to say she was going, did I want to join her? She lives in Iraq, and I don’t see her very often, so I was really keen, then I looked up flights and they were super cheap, THEN she said she’d split the cost and pick us up at the airport, and I was sold. It was so great. She has five cats, there was a sand pit, a paddling pool, and a little walk brought horses, cows, chickens and an excavator (so much excitement). I’m so glad I went.

From the moment I booked the flight, to the minute we landed, I thought maybe I had lost my mind. I was terrified about flying by myself with two children, and then forgot the crucial airport tools – the buggy and carrier! But apart from a painful shoulder from carrying Bee in my arms the whole time, it was actually pretty easy, and has made me feel so much better about our travels next month. We’re heading to Trinidad, but this time with my mum on the plane and I definitely will NOT be forgetting the buggy this time! I feel like a bit of a rockstar for doing it, to be honest!

This month has been really busy, and as such, I feel like I haven’t had as much time to read any good articles this month, and I only read two books (!) but here are the bits I have been reading…

  • Books I’ve read this month:
    • The Fireman by Joe Hill. SO GRIPPING. I had heard good things about this, and then when I visited a friend’s office, it was their free book of the month. Even still, I ALMOST put it back because it’s a HUGE book. I’m so glad I took one. It was so good, I really recommend it.
    • Inferior – Fascinating look at the gender bias in science
    • We took this book out of the library THREE TIMES in a row (every time it was due back, we had to renew it), so eventually I bought a copy. If you have a child who loves dinosaurs and building machines, it’s literally the best book you could possibly get.
  • The puzzling way that writing can help the body heal itself. Turns out keeping a journal is good for your physical health as well as your mental health – who knew?
  • I LOVE the idea of Friday Night Meatballs (via Catherine). This is the kind of thing I’d love to do when the kids are older, but I am not sure I could just have the same thing every week. Also, I think I’d be nervous that no one would come after a while…
  • I’m starting this meal plan tomorrow. The recipes look great.
  • This magazine is lovely and free. Thanks to Ruth for sharing.
  • I want these cards!
  • Speaking of travelling with kids, here are some unwritten rules for not being an asshole traveller. NUMBER 10! So true. I was pretty pleased to find out that you actually can’t recline the chairs on Easyjet planes at all!
  • I’m on a big drive to generate less waste and be a bit more sustainable. I’m going to write a blog post about this at some point soon, but in the meantime, I really love these cheeky wipes. I was using 3-4 wet wipes each mealtime cleaning Theo’s face and hands, but these work a treat and I only need 1 most of the time (if it’s really dire, I wash him over the sink). I’ve been using the white ones for Bee’s bum, too, which I wasn’t 100% sure about, but it’s actually great.

What have you been reading and loving this month? Also: any tips on being a little bit greener and generating less waste? 

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