What we’re growing in our small city garden: May 2017

What we're growing in our small city garden

It’s our third year in our house this year, and our third summer of trying to grow as much fruit and veg as we can.

Our garden is not huge, but during our first summer, Peter and his dad put in some raised beds. During the winter, I always wonder if we should turn it back into grass, so that Theo can have more space to run about, but then the summer comes and I am infinitely glad they’re there. Plus Theo is LOVING digging about this year, so that helps.

This year, I’ve gone for simplicity. I don’t have a lot of time, so have stuck to things I know work well in our garden, and avoided things like beans, which tend to get infested by aphids, and brassicas, which caterpillars eat to bits. I spent one summer smooshing caterpillars, and it was not fun. Until I can be bothered to install butterfly nets, those are going to be avoided!

What we're growing in our small city garden - strawberries

So, this spring and summer we are growing:

  • Strawberries – my absolute favourite! So easy and results in SO MUCH fruit. The plants we have have been in place since the beginning and just get better every year.
  • Raspberries – this is the third year for our raspberry cane. In its two summers it has yielded 3 raspberries, so this is its last chance.
  • Tomatoes – we’ve gone for Gardeners Delight, as it’s meant to be one of the easiest to grow.
  • Dill – Theo and I planted these seeds together and little seedlings are popping up, which is lovely.
  • Lettuce – I find this to be a bit hit or miss. We’re growing from seed, and sometimes they grow, sometimes they don’t, so we’ll see what happens this time.
  • Potatoes – last year I found these ridiculously easy and delicious and bountiful, so fingers crossed for this year.
  • Squash – again, these seemed really easy last time we tried, and one squash can go a long way. They still haven’t arrived, which is a bit annoying, but hopefully they’ll be here soon.

What we're growing in our small city garden - potatoes

We’ve also got thyme, rosemary and mint in the garden, and basil inside.

Hooray, I love this time of year. I love the feel of digging in the dirt, and of seeing a tiny seed or seedling grow into something big and heavy with fruit or veg. This year in particular it’s been so rewarding because Theo “gets” what’s happening. He knows which plants are weeds and where he’s allowed to dig. We got him this adorable gardening set and he loves using it. He knows which seeds he’s planted and loves watching them get bigger every day. Seeing it all through his eyes makes the garden even more special, and I’m full of gratitude every summer that we get to have this little plot to ourselves.

What we're growing in our small city garden - dill

Are you growing anything this year? What have you got planted out?

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