What new parents REALLY want – 10 gift ideas

What new parents REALLY want - 10 gift ideas

Congratulations! Your close friend or family member has just had a baby and you can’t wait to go over and meet the little squidge. But wait! You want to get them the perfect gift, and you want it to be something really thoughtful and useful. But what? Look no further, friend. Here is the ultimate list of what you should really get for the brand new parent…

  1. A cleaner for an afternoon. Even if you just pay for someone to come in for 3 hours, that’s 3 hours less housework for the new parents to do. I would love someone to just come a Hoover my house for 3 hours and get rid of the never ending supply of dust bunnies that accumulate under and on top of everything. I hate vacuuming, so this is meant to be Peter’s job, but sad times, he hates it too. In the absence of a cleaner, I’m currently training up Theo to do this job.
  2. Non neutral, gender neutral baby clothes. This is clearly personal to the recipient, but I love patterned baby clothes and there are so many cool options out there that aren’t plain white and equally aren’t pink or blue with sayings on them. There’s nothing wrong with these, but there’s a limit to how many you want in your wardrobe. I love the Jools Oliver range for mothercare, Next does some really cute stuff, and there are SO MANY awesome independent brands out there now. I can’t justify spending £20 on a pair of leggings, but you can because it’s a gift and you only need to buy one pair.
  3. Freezer meals. Whether they’re homemade or shop bought, having a freezer full of food you just need to bung in the oven without too much thought is incredible. If they have an older child, meals for them would be even more useful. Because at the end of the day, I’m quite happy to just feed myself toast for days on end if desperate, but I do try to make sure Theo actually gets some vitamins in his diet which means his meals require some kind of thought and preparation – not things closely associated with having a newborn.
  4. Really nice, breastfeeding friendly pyjamas. Because your friend is going to be wearing her pyjamas a lot over the next few months. I’m actually looking for a set of these now because I’m fed up of wearing Peter’s old polo shirt. Any recommendations?
  5. A nap! Go over and have a chat, and then send your friend(s) to bed while you look after the baby for 30 minutes or an hour. The baby might cry and that might freak you out, but crying is what babies do, and your friend needs some rest, so get over it.
  6. Amazon Prime. When I was pregnant with Theo, a friend gave me the gift of adding me to his Amazon Prime account. I don’t think it cost him anything, but it’s been incredible to receive, as it’s something I never would have forked out for myself, but next day delivery is about the most useful parenting thing ever. Sadly I don’t also get the TVs and music, but free next day delivery is pretty great.
  7. Netflix. Because breastfeeding needs boxsets.
  8. I’m Wrecked, This is My Journal. A bit biased here as the author is in one of my mum groups, but love this so much – an alternative memory book which has some tongue in cheek milestone suggestions and some really nice prompts for memory keeping.
  9. Really nice lip balm or hand lotion. Breastfeeding basically sucks the moisture out of your body, and you end up washing your hands a lot, what with all the poo, so I spend half my life reapplying hand lotion. I got this Pai Skincare cream from my mother-in-law, and it’s just lovely. Smells nice and seems to last for longer than 10 minutes, too. Or, in the same category, some nice bath salts or a beautiful candle or something that encourages her to have some time away from the baby for 30 minutes.
  10. If you want to splash out, an at-home massage or physio session wouldn’t go amiss. Between the giant bump you carry for months on end, to craning your neck to gaze adoringly at the baby, to breastfeeding, to carrying the little chubster up and down stairs and heaving her into her Moses basket at night, babies are not kind to people with bad backs!

That’s my list! What suggestions do you think should go on there?

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