Seven goals for May (and see how I did on April’s resolutions!)

Seven goals for May (and see how I did on April's resolutions!)

Seven goals for May (and see how I did on April's resolutions!)

Since reading Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, I’ve embarked on a little project of my own. Every month I’m setting myself 7 personal goals for things I’d like to do more or less of in the coming month. Some things will be tiny, others much bigger, but hopefully they’ll all contribute to a happier home and also help me sort some stuff out in the house, something I’m very neglectful of doing. I’ll review the goals here each month and share my plans for next month, too.

April’s goals were:

  1. Take my vitamins every day. Not a difficult goal, you might think, but I bought these blasted breastfeeding pills and kept forgetting to take them! I think adding this to my habit tracking list has definitely made it more of a “thing”, and I only missed a couple of days in the month.
  2. Dance 3x each week. I more or less managed this. I put Bee in her chair and sing to her and dance right in front of her and generally act like someone she will be thoroughly embarrassed to know in a few years.
  3. Put at least three things up for sale. I did this! And in fact, I made a profit on one of the things, which was unexpected. So worth doing, I’m going to do it again next month, as there’s plenty in the house to get rid of.
  4. Take 30 minutes to myself each week. This started off badly, but got better as the month progressed. I took time to take a couple of baths (complete with smelly candle – win!), started a new yoga challenge, took a nap… it isn’t a lot of time, but it is so important to have time without either child needing something from you!
  5. Finish Theo’s new bedroom. Er, sort of. It is pretty much ready, and next month we want to start him having his naps in there, but I’m sad about it and putting it off. When he moves, he’ll be on a different floor and I kind of can’t bear the thought…
  6. Clean and organise the pantry. Lol, I did nothing on this. Although I did sort out two other shelves in the kitchen which had been driving me crazy, so… that counts. In retrospect, I think this was too big a task, so I’m going to break it down into smaller chunks.
  7. No nagging. Clearly I failed on this actually impossible task BUT I think I did it a lot less because I was conscious of it a lot more. It’s hard to remember that Peter’s timeline and mine don’t always align, and also that he can’t read my mind… if I want him to do something, I have to ask! Hopefully this is one I’ll keep on with.

All in all, I feel like I did pretty well!

What have I got planned for May?

  1. Go meat free at least one day a week. 
  2. Get to day 20 of Yoga with Adriene ‘s 30 Day Challenge.
  3. List and sell 3 more things on eBay. I feel spurred on by last month’s success, but there’s still more to go!
  4. Read 2 books from my reading list. I keep adding books to my list and rarely actually strike them off. It’s my least successful to do list!
  5. Take photos of Theo’s artworks to later go into an album. Frame some.
  6. Label the kids of our spice jars so that I don’t have to investigate every single one every time I need something.
  7. Put the phone away when Theo’s around.

That last one is going to be HARD. But I think, as with the no nagging resolution, it’s got to be worth a go, at least!

Have you got any goals for the coming month? I would love to hear about them! Any tips for putting the phone away, or veggie recipes I should try?

P.S: I’m running a little survey this month about the blog. PLEASE take 5 minutes to fill it out. It’s completely anonymous and only 5 questions long. Thank you! 

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