Love love love list: May 2017

Link love list - May 2017

Link love list - May 2017

I can’t believe May is over. Things seem to be settling in to a nice rhythm with the two little ones, and despite missed naps and tantrums and early wake-ups and all the rest of things that come along with being a parent, I can honestly say right now it all feels totally worth it. I’ve had a lot less time lately, as I’ve been out and about with Beatrice a bit more, but fortunately still finding time to read and faff about on the Internet! Some of my favourite books and a bit of link love all below.

Books I’ve been reading:

  • Big Little Lies: I’d heard a lot of people talking about this tv series, so when my neighbour offered me her copy of the book, I snapped it up. It is so fun! Really enjoyable and a bit trashy. Loved it.
  • The Girls: A story about a Manson family style cult, and how a 14 year old girl gets wrapped up in it. The author subtly (and not so subtly) weaves in all the small but significant cuts you get as an adolescent girl, from boys, from society, from friends, and by the end I feel like I had an understanding of how a bunch of young women could end up committing such a horrendous crime.
  • Vinegar Girl: Anne Tyler does Shakespeare. Not my favourite of hers (also, not my favourite Shakespeare: The Tamng of the Shrew), but highly readable.
  • After The Crash: GRIPPING.

Things I’ve loved online:

  • Listen, Peter is no caveman. He helps out loads, takes Theo downstairs in the morning, cooks most meals. But this still struck me as startlingly accurate.
  • This post about Ruth’s pregnancy journey is beautiful. So lucky to have her as a sort of neighbour, she’s a lovely person.
  • Expose the bump! I love Susie’s blog and this post is spot on.
  • THIS! Put sleeves on it! Give clothes pockets! Bodycon is not a selling point for most people
  • Super chatty online but a bit shy in real life? You might be a webtrovert!
  • At the beginning I was like “don’t be ridiculous”. By the end I was totally convinced. Avril Levingne is dead and has been replaced with a lookalike.

Bits I’ve bought:

  • I realised that I didn’t really have anything in my summer wardrobe after Marie Kondoing most of it out, so I bought some awesome bits from Primark (including some paisley trousers that my dad thought were pyjamas, but which I love and plan to wear all summer),  these two tops from The White Stuff, thanks to a gift voucher from some friends. Now I just need the weather to behave!
  • I also picked up this bathing suit from M&S. It is SO flattering. You can’t even tell that my tummy is still made of jelly.

On a much more serious note, two people I know have had their worlds completely turned upside down in the past year. My ex-colleague, Vicky’s son has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, at the age of just 4. Rather than wallow, she is aiming to raise a million pounds for the Royal Marsden Hospital, where her son is being treated. It’s a huge amount, but she’s getting there bit by bit. Please do have a look at George and the Giant Pledge, where she shares their daily struggles and successes. It’s something I don’t think you can ever imagine going through when your child is healthy.

Speaking of which, my wonderful friend, Carla, has been writing about her experiences with a terminally ill child. Unlike Vicky, Carla’s youngest daughter has no hope of recovery, and will most likely die before she turns 4. She was debating starting a blog soon after Talia was diagnosed, and I’m so glad she did. She talks about her experiences with such honesty and her story is so beautifully written… I implore you to read her blog and this piece she wrote about why they are seeking minimal medical intervention. Her strength for her family is awe inspiring.

That’s it for this month! What have you been reading?

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