5 delicious slow-cooker recipes

5 delicious slow-cooker recipes

5 delicious slow cooker recipes

A couple of months ago, I bought a slow cooker. I’d heard friends raving about them for ages, but decided I didn’t really have space in the kitchen to keep one. Then I found out they were only about £20 (the one I got was £24.99), and I figured if worse came to worst and I wasn’t using it, I’d just give it to a friend or store it on top of the fridge. I wanted to be able to bung some ingredients into a pot before bed or before work, and then come home to a ready-made meal*.

And so far, it’s working out a treat. I’ve used it 5 or 6 times so far, and the things I’ve prepared have all been absolutely delicious. The meat is super tender, the flavours are incredible, and it’s just super, super easy. Also, very warm and comforting food! So, with winter still extending into the foreseeable future ahead of us, here are 5 delicious slow cooker recipes I’ve made and enjoyed:

Left image// Pulled pork. This was the first recipe I made. I cooked it overnight and it was a bit weird waking up to the smell of cooking pork, but wow, was this tasty! We had friends over for lunch and it was possibly the easiest lunch I’ve ever made. This recipe definitely made me a convert to slow cooking!

Top left// Cinnamon sugar butternut squash. I made this for Thanksgiving a couple of months ago and it went down an absolute treat. It’s not exactly the healthiest of side dishes, with all the sugar and butter, but very, very tasty.

Top right// Moroccan chicken. This probably requires the most prep of any of the slow cooker recipes I’ve done, but it’s really tasty with some herby cous cous. I didn’t have any preserved lemon, so just used a squeeze of fresh lemon instead, and it was excellent. In fact, I’ve made this recipe twice!

Bottom right// Shredded Mexican chicken.  So good. Also, you get loads and loads of meat so good for a few meals.

Bottom left// Black bean enchiladas. Very messy and, as described, ‘mushy, but delicious’. I started this in the slow cooker and finished it off in the oven. Yum.

* Disclaimer! In order to have food ready when I want it to be, I also bought a plug timer (actually, a pack of two, as these seemed to have the best reviews and looked easiest to use) – then I can leave everything ready, but once it’s cooked for 5 or 6 hours, the power switches off and then I just reheat it when I get home (if I need to)

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