Spring in the garden – May 2016

Summer in the garden - tulip

Let’s be real – after this gorgeous, hot weekend, we can probably say that spring is on its way out, and next month, this will be titled ‘summer in the garden’. The tulips have gone ‘blousy’ – where the petals are huge and billowing and looking as though they’re about to drop off. In fact, not long after taking this photo, Theo pulled the petals off most of them. So… that’s the end of that, then.

On the other hand…

Summer in the garden - Asparagus

WHAAAAAAAAAAA! I literally feel like a gardening rock star – our asparagus, which I thought had died over the winter, IS GROWING! I had planted the tomatoes¬†basically on top of where they asparagus was, so when I saw these little shoots coming out of the ground I quickly uprooted it and moved it along a bit. Hopefully they’ll be happy enough living side by side for a little while (until we EAT ALL THE ASPARAGUS. I’m seriously so excited).

Summer in the garden - strawberries

The strawberries (above) and raspberry (below) are both looking super healthy. The strawberries spread out loads over the end of last summer and through the autumn, so I’m hoping that we’ll have even more than we did last year, and last year we had a pretty good haul. I think I had a fresh strawberry or two almost every day throughout June. So lovely. We only had one or two raspberries last year, so fingers crossed for a better year this year…

Summer in the garden - raspberries

Another ‘you mean, you plant it and things grow!?’ moment was when my barely chitted potatoes started growing. They’re already getting pretty big – they seem to be growing so quickly!

Summer in the garden - potatoes

And just starting out in the garden, we have some lettuce and courgettes. They’re both so tiny at the minute, but if things go anything like last year, we’ll have fresh lettuce every day and approximately one million courgettes.

Summer in the garden - lettuce  Summer in the garden - courgette

All in all, it’s pretty exciting out there at the minute. If I can manage to keep Theo from uprooting everything (he really enjoys moving soil from bed to bed, which is sweet, but he has tried several times to take the lettuce seedlings with him, which I am not best pleased about…), then I think it’s going to be a good year out there…

Are you growing anything this year? What have you planted?

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