Our kitchen makeover: before photos!

Kitchen makeover

Blue and stainless steel. FINE, but definitely not my choice.

It’s been absolutely ages since we started planning our kitchen update, but it’s finally ACTUALLY HAPPENING. The week after next, the builders are coming in and we’re having everything ripped out, and a brand new kitchen installed.

Kitchen makeover

We are so messy.

Currently, we have open shelves, which I initially loved but now hate because of all the dust (also, the mess!), our boiler is dodgy, our hob has lost its knobs, the door has fallen off our freezer, our circuit board is inaccessible and our dishwasher is unplugged after it leaked all over the floor (meaning all the floorboards in the vicinity have warped and raised off the floor). I think it’s fair to say that the kitchen is life expired.

So I am very excited to share these before photos, knowing that in just a few weeks, I’ll be able to share some VERY different after photos.

In terms of the kitchen structure, we are getting rid of the open shelves completely, which will also give us way more room, moving the kitchen to let in more light and replacing the garden door with one that has some clear glass, again to let in more light (our kitchen is south facing, yet you need to have the lights on at all times because it’s so dark, which is crazy).

Kitchen makeover

The kitchen in full on sun – still dark!

We’re also closing in the area under the stairs and putting in a pantry. This will a) give us some┬ástorage to replace the open shelves we are losing, b) let us hide away the washing machine and c) allow the electrics to be accessible.

In terms of the decoration, we’re going for very clean lines and neutral colours. Although I actually love the blue of our kitchen now, it’s definitely not something I would have chosen for myself. We’re going for grey units, white tiles and white walls. Now that we’ll have more wall space, I’m hoping to add some colour with some art instead.

Even though we’re building in the pantry and should be having more useful units (currently our kitchen units are very underused), we’re still losing a fair bit of storage.

With that in mind, most of our plans involve getting RID of stuff, rather than buying more things (we have waaaaay too much stuff in our kitchen), but there are a few things on my wishlist…

Planning a new kitchen

1// I definitely want to introduce some greenery into the new kitchen. We’re having a pointless light fitting pulled out, and I’m planning to put up a hook to hang a plant there instead. 2// I also want to get some air plants for the table. I recently went to Marie’s house, and she had some strewn about in a very artful fashion. They seem crazily easy to care for, and I’ve already got a few nice pots they could go into. 3// I totally don’t need a new mug, but this one is so gorgeous and looks just the right size and weight. I might do a cull of some of our older crappy mugs, and introduce one of two of these instead. 4// Speaking of totally useful but beautiful things, I KNOW we already have a whisk (Peter helpfully pointed this out when we were in Anthropologie the other week), but this whisk is so pretty!

Have you spotted any nice kitchen bits recently?

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  1. Leanne (@LeanneBeale)

    May 23, 2016 at 5:24 pm

    Oooooo this is so exciting! Our kitchen is a little dated, so I’d love to have it re-done one of these days. Look forward to seeing how your finished kitchen looks. ­čÖé

    1. BeNourishd

      May 23, 2016 at 7:15 pm

      We’re hoping that we’ll be done by the end of June. We’re scrimping a bit and doing the painting ourselves, so it’ll take a little longer. Super excited, though!

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