6 late spring recipes for the week ahead

6 late spring recipes

6 late spring recipes

1/ Royal potato salad – I’ve made this LOADS of times (I even blogged about it here) and it never fails to taste delicious and look super impressive. I never use quail’s eggs, though. I did that the first time and it was a right faff. Regular hen’s eggs look impressive, too.

2/ I recently made this balsamic brown sugar pork chop recipe and it was lush. Sweet and savoury and just gorgeous.

3/ This light and fresh gnocchi recipe looks so good. I’ve discovered a fantastic cheat’s gnocchi recipe (by Donna Hay, which uses ricotta instead of potatoes, so takes about 1/2 the time), and this could be a more interesting topping than butter and sage (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

4/ I keep putting these Greek filo parcels on my to-make list, and I keep not making them. Why not? I have no idea. They look super easy and delicious. I will get around to it soon!

5/ Did I mention that there’s asparagus growing in my back garden (!!!)? This salad looks like a great way to use it up if we ever get more out there (right now, there’s only one spear)

6/ Not particularly ‘spring’ like, but this mushroom pasta is definitely on my to-cook list this month. I love A Pinch of Yum’s website – never fails to inspire me.

What’s on your late spring recipe wishlist?

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