#theyearinbooks – One for them and one for you

#theyearinbooks - Essentialism

#theyearinbooks - Essentialism

Taking part in #theyearofbooks, sharing a book for me and a book Theo’s loving as part of a link up with Carie and Claire

Unusually for me, I’ve been reading non-fiction at home a lot lately. I’d seen this recommended by Elise Cripe on her blog some time ago, and it sounded like something I’d been interested in. The core message of Essentialism is very straightforward: do less.

You can either decide to do everything that is asked of you and everything you want to do, or you can spend time exploring the options and then decide what not to do. You can’t do everything, and if you try, you will inevitably feel stretched, stressed, and most likely not do your best work. This goes for both your professional life and your personal life.

At first I kind of felt this book was preaching to the converted (I am completely convinced by the idea that work expands to fit the time you allow it, and if you decide that your work day ends at 5:30, you will get all of your work done in that time period (and what doesn’t get done can wait) but then people at work call me ‘The Machine’, so I’m not sure they believe my approach can also work for them). But, as I read on, I found it so interesting – there is a lot that I still try to over do, and I’m definitely going to apply some of the ideas into my working life. Worth a read.

#theyearinbooks - The Giant of Jum

Technically, I suppose I have two recommendations this month, although I give one grudgingly. One is my favourite, and one is Theo’s. My children’s book recommendation this month is The Giant of Jum. I freaking LOVE this book! I could read it over and over again. It’s about a giant on the hunt for some children to eat, and it’s so funny, and the rhymes are so fun (“Fee, he said, and Fi, he said, and Fo, he said, and Fum. How I pine, how I wish, for a child on a dish, little children and yummy yum yum!”) and I really enjoy reading it. The illustrations are really great, as well.

Sadly, it’s only Theo’s second favourite right now. His first favourite is Supertato, which I enjoyed at first, but have now read so many times I’m thinking of burning it*. Is that bad? That I want to actually burn my child’s favourite book? Seriously though. There’s a lot of shrieking involved. Although it does make him laugh loads, so I suppose this is my second recommendation this month. Good for the child, less good for the parent.

What are you reading this month?

*Update: I have hidden it behind the sofa. I promise I WILL bring it out again…

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  • Reply Carie

    I think I definitely need to read Essentialism! I also subscribe to the theory that work expands to fit the time you have but I’m also terrible for not quite switching off at the end of the day!! And as for baby books, I see nothing wrong with hiding something for a little while if reading it again will make you scream – we had a princess and the pea book that I had to hide when I was expecting Pip because it triggered my morning sickness!!

    April 7, 2016 at 6:05 am
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