My surprise favourite salad ingredient

My surprise favourite salad ingredient - satsumas

I never used to be a fan of fruit in savoury food until I tried satsuma in a salad.

I’ve discovered this basically because Theo used to love satsumas, so we’d always buy them, but recently he’s decided he hates them, and won’t touch them anymore. I don’t usually snack on fruit, it tends to be part of my breakfast, so the fruit we had leftover after he made this abrupt decision were sitting there for ages, looking a bit sad. Then I was making a salad and thought, what the hell, I’ll throw one in and see how it tastes.

Guys, it’s so, so good.

The burst of juiceĀ from the satsuma adds an incredible layer of flavour and texture to a salad, and the sweetness balances out the saltiness from the other ingredients or oiliness of the dressing.

My surprise favourite salad ingredient - satsumas

Now, I add it to every salad I have, because it just works so well.

My favourite combo right now is a mix of salad leaves, tomato, avocado, satsuma wedges, cooked lentils and feta, drizzled with a bit of balsamic dressing. It’s just the right mix of creamy, salty, sweet and crunchy.

Have you ever tried satsuma in salad? What do you think? Any other favourite salad ingredients?

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