6 little black dresses on my wishlist

So, I’ve decided to sell my beloved French Connection ruffle dress. This is actually the second version of this dress I have owned, after the first version accidentally went in the dryer. It is so super flattering and gorgeous, but pretty micro mini and not massively appropriate for someone who has to bend over a lot to pick up their toddler. Which is a roundabout way of saying: I need a new little black dress. Here are a few I’ve been eyeing up…

6 little black dresses

Left to right, from the top: 1/ I really like the simplicity of black and lace – looks so smart but covers any bumpy bits, too // 2/ Ok, not a straight replacement at all, and definitely too short but how cute is this Asos pinafore dress!? The pockets! // 3/ Love the embroidery detail on this Oasis dress // 4/ More suited for the office than an evening, but this New Look dress could probably be jazzed up pretty easily with some accessories // 5/ I’d definitely have to try this Zara dress on, but the back is so sexy // 6/ This Boden wrap dress just looks so easy to wear

I’m also really on the lookout for a chambery shirt dress that is cut in a flattering way. I basically want this dress from J.Crew to throw on all summer, but not for £98. Any good dresses caught your eye lately?

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