Happy almost Valentine’s Day

Happy almost Valentine's Day

Happy almost Valentine's Day

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I think it’s sweet when you’re a little kid, and you make cards for everyone in the class, but if you’re not in a relationship it’s not very fun, if you’re in a new relationship, it’s just a lot of pressure, and if you’re married with a small baby, it’s all a bit of a faff. This year, Peter and I will be doing precisely nothing. Well, there might be a “happy Valentines Day” said and a smooch or two, but nothing else.

Is that really grinchy? What are you doing this year?

A few other things I’ve been thinking about this week…

  • My non-work book right now is The Chimes. It is just about the most surreal book I have ever read, but I’ve really got into it. If you let the first few chapters kind of wash over you, even though you don’t really understand what the hell is going on, it starts to come together and make sense
  • On my work reading this at the minute is Nevernight, which is so much fun. Set in a school for assassins. Think evil Hogwarts and you’re pretty much there.
  • My life on Monday afternoons
  • 4 things children definitely don’t need
  • I went out for a night out with my girlfriends last week, and it was soooo needed. I don’t really have a group of ‘mum friends’ yet, but this article still spoke to me.
  • This coriander chicken looks amazing
  • Did you watch War and Peace? The final episode reminded me of this insane chart showing the number of soldiers who advanced vs the number who returned. The power of clearly displayed data!
  • Guys, after a depressing day last weekend where I tried in 12 (12!!!) pairs of jeans, which all looked shite, I’ve found my perfect pair. I’m going to give them a few wears to confirm their perfection and then I’m buying another identical pair, just in case they stop making them or change the shape (which is what happened with the ones I’m currently wearing. They need replacing but went to buy new ones and the fit is totally different now!)
  • Er… new Harry Potter book? JUST TAKE MY MONEY, NOW, JK! So gutted I didn’t get a ticket to the theatre production.
  • This is surely the most bizarre project any Beatles member has ever been associated with.
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  • Reply Carie

    I love that list of things children don’t need – I quite agree! And as for Valentine’s Day, H and I agreed years ago to skip the commercialism and just buy a really nice meal, so roast beef it is for Sunday lunch!

    February 12, 2016 at 11:05 am
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