#1day12pics – a Saturday in photographs


Taking part in the #1day12pics challenge, to take a photo an hour through the course of the day.

Once again, I didn’t quite make it up to 12 photos. But here are a few photographs from the first Saturday of February.

#1day12pics #1day12pics #1day12pics #1day12pics #1day12pics #1day12pics #1day12pics

It was a miserable day outside – very windy and intermittent rain for the whole day. So apart from a brief excursion to drop off a parcel, we were house bound for the day. Theo has started climbing on to the sofa, and from there tries to climb on to our sideboard. He also seems to be going through a biting phase. He only bites me, which I suppose is better than him biting everyone he comes across, but still. It was quite a long day what with the (quite painful!) bites and constantly having to move him from the bit where our sofa touches the sideboard.

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