10 things to read and do this weekend

10 things to read and do this weekend

10 things to read and do this weekend

  1. As usual, I’m reading two great books at the minute. For work: A Divided Spy. As suggested by the title, it’s a spy thriller and it’s so fun. I can’t believe how quickly I’m reading it! At home: First Bite. I’ve heard so much about this book, I thought I’d give it a go, especially as it deals with how to get babies to turn into children and then grown-ups who enjoy food!
  2. Speaking of children enjoying food… My friend sent me a copy of Annabel Karmel’s new cookbook. Wow, it looks amazing! I’m cooking from it twice next week – really looking forward to trying out some of the recipes.
  3. This post from Olive Dragonfly on a year of breastfeeding twins was lovely. It really spoke to how I feel about stopping feeding Theo, as well. I’ve moved him on to milk for two of his three feeds, but am still breastfeeding in the mornings. That feed is often so lovely – quiet, in bed, in the dark, both of us half asleep – but I’m ready to have my body back to myself, you know what I mean? We’re trying it out tomorrow for the first time. Fingers crossed it goes okay..
  4. Do you remember the Columbine shooting? I remember it so vividly. Our entire year was called together in the break area at school and told about it by one of our teachers. It was such a shock, and several people cried. We didn’t know anyone affected, and were miles away in New York, but this was the first of its kind. We were offered counselling! Now, I wonder if that still happens, given how frequent these types of tragedies are. This piece, by Dylan Klebold (one the killers)’s mum was so moving. In your head you kind of imagine the mum of a killer like this to be like the woman from We Need to Talk About Kevin – hearing her side of the story was incredible powerful and very sad.
  5. Sorry, another week, another Donald Trump article. I am fascinated and terrified watching his rise in the US. Please don’t make him president!
  6. Moving on to something much lighter… Do you still eat cereal? I don’t, although I’ve been thinking of getting some cheerios or something for Theo to snack on in the mornings. I’ve always been more of a toast person, although I’ve definitely gone through phases of having to have a particular form of cereal. I remember when I first got pregnant, I had urgent cravings for Sugar Puffs, so I bought some and… they’ve taken all the sugar out! It was a very disappointing experience. My milk didn’t get sweet or anything!
  7. There’s a recipe in Deliciously Ella’s book, based on this recipe from her blog, which is really so scrumptious – kale and cannellini bean stew. Fills you up, feels full of goodness, and super easy to cook. I had it a few times this week and was happy with it every time. Thanks, batch cooking!
  8. Speaking of amazing recipes, this sweet corn polenta with eggplant sauce recipe is making me drooooooool. So cooking this soon.
  9. God, I had no idea about all the stuff happening with Ke$ha. It’s so horrendous, and I feel so much for this poor young woman. I hope there is some way that she can appeal the judge’s decision.
  10. How to eat less meat.
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