A weekend in photographs

This was meant to be a little post sharing the photos I took for #1day12pics, a monthly photography project I take part in most months, but in the end I only managed 5 photographs on the day, so I’ve included a few from Sunday as well.

Last weekend was a big one for us. We didn’t go out much or do anything particularly exciting, but Peter’s parents were here as it was Theo’s first birthday. We went to the swings in the rain, played loads with his new toys, he discovered that he can dance (this was amazing), and I baked my first birthday cake in absolutely ages. It was such a great weekend, and a really lovely way to celebrate his first year with us.

Some highlights in photographs…

A weekend in photographs

This has been my lunch most days lately. Bread, cheese, meat, a little bit of veg. It’s delicious. ‘Very continental’, as they say, but not exactly inspiring or particularly healthy. Definitely need to start preparing more nutritious lunches this year. This is especially a priority because of Theo’s diet. He usually eats what we eat for lunch, and when that’s just white bread with cheese, that’s not a particularly balanced diet!

A weekend in photographs

On Saturday afternoon, we took a towel and headed out to the swings. Theo had a great time, but the rest of us did end up feeling a bit damp. A short visit, but essential to get outside and get some fresh air!

A weekend in photographs

Our Christmas decorations came down on Saturday, the day before Theo’s birthday. It was sad to say goodbye to the lights and the various baubles we had on the tree, but nice to get our living room back in time to put up Theo’s cards.

A weekend in photographs

I started a new book, which I’m really enjoying. Anne Tyler’s writing is so easy – it just completely draws you in. It’s amazing how she makes a simple domestic scenario so great to read about.

A weekend in photographs

And the cake! Not the most beautiful cake, that’s for sure. It was so sloppily made, Mary Berry would have made a right face if she saw it. But it tasted very good and Theo absolutely loved his first bites of almost pure sugar, so that definitely made up for its rather messy appearance!

What have you been up to lately? Do you have any good suggestions for baby and mum friendly meals?

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