Learning how to dry herbs

Learning how to dry herbs

This summer, the garden was a great place for a cook. We had (and still have!) so many herbs growing out there, it was lovely to be able to pop out and just cut off a sprig or two of rosemary or a few leaves of sage. They were almost TOO successful. The rosemary plants are quickly becoming bushes, and the sage actually started to block the path.

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to hack them both back a bit and to attempt to learn how to dry herbs. I used these simple step-by-step instructions, which basically advise you to bunch the herbs together, tie up with a bit of string, and then hang upside down.

Learning how to dry herbs

Finding somewhere to hang the herbs was the hardest thing. I ended up hanging them from hooks off a hanger in our boiler cupboard. It was HILARIOUS (read, not that funny and kind of embarassing) when the plumber came round to fix our boiler and opened up the cupboard and he couldn’t actually really access the boiler due to the herbs.

I didn’t use a paper bag, as having the herbs in the boiler cupboard meant that they were pretty well protected from dust. And I left them to hang for about four weeks – I wanted to make sure they were fully and completely dried out. I checked on them every now and again, just to make sure that they were actually drying properly, and luckily, they seem to have turned out pretty well!

Learning how to dry herbs

I smell and then taste tested them to make sure they were okay, and then popped almost all of the parcels straight in the post to people who had spotted me giving them away on Instagram. I loved putting the little packages together, and just hope that the herbs last long enough for everyone to cook with them (and I hope they taste good, too, of course!).

Have you ever dried herbs yourself? How long did they stay tasty for? If you buy dried herbs, they seem to last pretty much forever, but I’m sure that can’t be the case with stuff you air dry yourself, can it?

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