Embracing autumn: Four reasons to be excited for the cold

Embracing autumn: Four reasons to be excited for the cold

Sheesh, the weather’s turned, hasn’t it? It’s like all of a sudden there’s a chill in the air and the sun only shows its face for a few hours a day. I loved it last week when it felt as though we might have a bit of an Indian summer. I was out in a t-shirt most days, or a light jacket at most. Now the winter coat has definitely come out of hibernation.

Usually I’m absolutely loathe to see cold weather set in, but here are five things I’m excited about this autumn:

1) Mulled cider. I saw a sign outside a pub on Wednesday advertising their mulled cider, and I thought to myself “Now THAT’S a reason to be excited for cold weather”. I love everything about mulled cider. The smell, the warmth, the taste, the little buzz you get from having one.

2) Winter clothes. Last year, I had to wear a maternity coat all winter. A friend gave me her coat, which was brilliant, but it didn’t have any pockets, which annoyed me almost every time I wore it. I’m very grateful this year to not be the size of a house, and to be able to fit into my lovely winter coats. They are so warm and cosy and I think they’re pretty, too. And on that note, I got these suede ankle boots a month or two ago, and I loooooooove them, but it’s been too warm to wear them. Now that the weather is chilly, I’ll be wearing them whenever it’s dry outside.

3) Watching nature change. I love seeing the conkers start to fall and the ivy leaves start to turn that vibrant pink, and the leaves on the trees go from green to orange to brown. It’s almost worth the dark mornings and early evenings for. Almost.

4) Comfort food! These images from Sarah made me HUNGRY. And I’ve definitely got stews and soups on my mind right now. Or maybe a big bowl of macaroni and cheese. Or a big roast pork, complete with crackling. Yum!

What bits of autumn get you excited?

Other things I’ve loved this week:

  • This baked beans and sweet potato recipe looks lush – one for trying out next week.
  • Courgette quinoa waffles sound interesting too. I don’t have a waffle iron, but do you think you could make them as pancakes? They seem like they’d be a good lunch for me and the babe.
  • I am in love with my yoga class. It makes me feel AMAZING every time I go. So refreshed and clear headed and stretched and… happy. This post from Melanie popped up in my feed when I had just got back from a class and really resonated.
  • Er… how did I not know that these existed before? On my wishlist!
  • When I go back to work, I’ll only have three days in the office, meaning I have three days to Get Shit Done. I’m going to have to learn to stop needing to be liked and learn to channel Jennifer Lawrence.
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