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Mexican mole poblano. A smokey chicken dish flavoured with chipotle, cumin, cinnamon and chocolate

Loriley, who started up the regular food blogging Twitter chat under the hashtag, #fdbloggers, recently asked food bloggers to share a little bit more about themselves. I had it on my ‘definitely must do this soon’ list, and then the lovely Catherine nominated me as someone she’d like to know better so I thought I’d move it up to the top! Here’s a little bit about me, which recipes I’m most proud of, where my inspiration comes from, and more…

Name: Katie

Blog: BeNourishd

The best chili con carne recipe, with smoky chilli, chocolate and bourbon - perfect for dinner with friends

What was your reason for starting a blog? I started my blog when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. We weren’t having a lot of success, and the fertility specialist we saw at the hospital told us we had to to go away and make some lifestyle changes before we would be eligible for IVF. I used the blog as a way to keep myself on track with my healthy eating and exercise goals. Now, with an almost eight-month-old baby, I’m still enjoying sharing some of the yummy stuff I cook. It inspires me to make better stuff, so that I can blog about it!

Gazpacho: A fresh tomato soup, perfect for a hot summer's day

What is the dish you are most proud of? I have two, and they’re both fairly recent. The first is a chicken mole, inspired my the traditional Mexican dish. I had wanted to try making one for ages, but always put it off because the list of ingredients seemed so overwhelming. In the end, I just kind of made it up as I went along, making a much simplified version, and it was amazing. I was so proud to take that first bite and find that it tasted incredible.

The second is my beetroot and broad bean risotto, because both the beetroot and the broad beans came from the garden. I’ve been putting a lot of effort into my garden this year, and this recipe really rewarded me for it. It tasted great and was also super pretty.

Mexican mole poblano. A smokey chicken dish flavoured with chipotle, cumin, cinnamon and chocolate

A simple but stunning and delicious beetroot and broad bean risotto. Simple enough for a weeknight supper, impressive looking enough for guests

What one kitchen utensil could you not live without? A really good knife. My husband has a bit of a thing for them, which is lucky. He got us some Sebatier knives, which are super sharp and really light. We have an all purpose chopping knife from them which has a light wooden handle. I can’t seem to find them online (they were from John Lewis in store), but I really recommend it.

What three ingredients would you take if you were stranded on a desert island? Cannelini beans, eggs and pasta. You can come up with endless variety using these three things as your staples.

Green spring salad with cannellini beans and asparagus

Who do you take inspiration from? My cooking inspiration came from my dad, who is an incredible cook. I remember, when I was young, finding him in the kitchen with a straw, blowing air under the skin of a duck, which then hung in our fridge for a day or two, so that he could make Peking Duck for a dinner party. He thinks nothing of cooking a meal that takes three days, even if it’s just for him and my mum. I’m a lot lazier than him when it comes to cooking, but he definitely inspired me to love it!

What is your favourite social media platform? Definitely Instagram. It’s just so pretty.

Green chicken curry

Favourite spot for coffee? We don’t get up there much anymore, because of Theo and because we’re so far away, but my favourite thing to do in London, for YEARS, was to go to the Beigel shop on Brick Lane and then sit and eat my bagel with a coffee at Brick Lane Coffee next door. Good coffee, old, squishy sofas, magazines and papers, and good people watching. Now my favourite place is Cut the Mustard on Moyser Lane. They know my order and how much sugar I take in my coffee – that is cafe love!

Favourite food photo you’ve taken? There are actually a fair few that I like now, which makes me happy! The difference in my photos now compared to when I started is pretty incredible, even if there’s still a lot of room for improvement. One of my favourites was this French Toast photo, just because I love the colours and by God it was a tasty breakfast. I never did share the recipe on here (it was part of my #30Breakfasts challenge I set myself on Instagram) – maybe I’ll include it in next month’s newsletter.

Get to know Katie, founder of cookery and lifestyle blog, BeNourishd

What would you say is your most successful blog post and why? In terms of traffic, my banana and walnut ice cream is definitely the number one most visited recipe on my blog. Why? Possibly because it’s so easy! It is dairy-free, fat-free, refined sugar-free, and still creamy, tasty, and ice-creamy! The only downside is that making it is very loud, as the blender takes a bit of a beating from the frozen banana chips you use to make it.

This banana and walnut ice cream will change your life

Now nominate three food bloggers you’d like to know more about: I’d like to nominate Le’Nise, Sus and Sam. Looking forward to reading your answers!

Lentil kale and chorizo soup

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