On my mind: Blogtacular!

On my mind

On my mind

My mind has been on blogging this week for two reasons. One, I’ve been taking the latest Blogging Your Way course from Holly Becker, all about using Instagram. And two, I’m going to Blogtacular this weekend!

The Instagram bootcamp course has been interesting. To begin with, I wasn’t sure I was going to get that much out of it. The outline seemed to suggest that a lot of the classes would be things I had already read many blog posts about over the years. Fortunately, the content has been super interesting so far and actually really different from what I expected.

Some of the questions that Holly posed in the first week’s homework kind of blew me away. They weren’t complicated questions, but I had just never thought about my photos as a collection before. I realised that for the first time, I am really thinking about what I post – what I want my account to showcase. The classes have gotten more and more interesting over the two weeks, and I genuinely feel as though I’ve learned a lot since I started the class. Plus I’ve got some new followers and find my photos are getting loads more interest as well! Very satisfying to see such a tangible change in only a couple of weeks. If you want to take a peek at what I’ve been snapping, follow me here.

And tomorrow is Blogtacular, an annual blogging conference that started last year. Last year, I was soooooooo jealous of everyone who went. It looked like an amazing day. Great speakers, loads of fun events, and the chance to meet some really great people. As soon as tickets opened up for 2015, I bought mine. I decided that at 5 1/2 months, Theo would be big enough for me to chance a whole day out without him. And, fingers crossed, I think he will be okay. He takes a bottle now, on the odd occasion that we give him one, and I think it’ll be nice for him to spend the whole day with his dad.

And while he’s having a laugh with his old man, I’ll hopefully be having a grand time at the conference. I can’t wait to meet some of the bloggers I’ve been reading for years, and some of the new faces I’ve met during the weekly Twitter chats that Blogtacular hosts. If you’re going, let me know in the comments and I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you!

Some of the bloggers I’m particularly excited to see are…

  • Jen, Sarah and Natalie, who I had lunch with a few weeks ago – such a friendly bunch of women and we connected so easily it was crazy to imagine that we’d all just met on Twitter
  • Leanne, whose blog I’ve been reading for yonks now
  • Kat, who actually pulls the whole conference together with her partner (also called Kat!). I love her Instagram feed, especially the cute photos and videos of her three little ones.
  • Grace Bonney, who I probably won’t meet as she’s the keynote speaker, but whose blog I adore and have read for years
  • Sabrina from Wolves in London – she takes the most gorgeous photos
  • Lauren , someone else who I love following on Instagram
  • Lou Archell, who launched the incredible looking Sisterhood camp last weekend (I’ve put my name down to go next year!)
  • Emma, from A Quiet Style, whose blog I have just recently started reading (found through the Instagram course)

And so many more. It feels as though everyone who I know from the Internet is going to be there. So although I’m nervous to do that awkward thing of joining a group of people who are already all standing together, just because I don’t know anyone and don’t want to stand by myself, I’m also not THAT nervous, because I know that everyone there is going to be awesome, and friendly, and welcoming. I’m sure I’ll have loads of photos to share, which I’ll try to get together with a little conference wrap up for next week, for anyone who’s interested.

Meanwhile, on the BOOK reading list this week:

  • The Secret Place by Tana French. Theo seems to have settled into a bit of a naptime routine, finally, so I’ve had a chance to sit down. I’m planning to read the hardbacks I’ve had on my bookshelf for ages, and this is the first one I’m starting with. It’s actually out in paperback now – that’s how long it’s been on my shelf for. Nice to finally settle down to read it. Meanwhile, during the 10:30pm feed, I’m continuing to read Middlesex.
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