On my mind: Getting active

On my mind

Another Friday and what’s been on my mind this week is getting back into shape and getting out into the garden! I’m going to write a separate post soon about the garden, but someone asked me recently what I’m doing to stay in shape post pregnancy, so I thought I’d share a bit about that.

I have to say that I feel pretty good now, almost 11 weeks after birth. I’m pretty sure my body ‘bounced back’ quickly because I was so active during pregnancy. So if you’re pregnant and thinking about what’s going to happen to your body afterwards, that’s probably my best suggestion: start now (see here and here for some workout ideas)! It is also my first child, so if I ever decide that Theo won’t be an only child, it is very likely to be harder the second time around, from what I’ve heard.

Anyway, this is what else I’ve been up to…

  • Eating overnight oats with chia seeds, strawberries, walnuts and sultanas. This is my new favourite recipe. I make it in the evening and then Peter brings it up for me in the morning before he leaves for work, meaning I can eat it in bed while Theo’s still sleeping.
  • This is a fantastic iPad app for anyone looking to build up their yoga practice
  • Loved this post from Siobhan about staying motivated to keep fit
  • This sketchbook explorations series from Tina Bernstein on Instagram is SO great. Love this idea of dong a sketch a day.
  • Stu Heritage’s piece on why reading parental advice on the Internet is crap, is brilliant and so true!
  • Ok, I totally failed at the Instagram challenge I’d planned to do in March. Maybe this one for April will be more successful…
  • Looking forward to summer days and eating this ice cream every day!

This week’s workouts:

I haven’t done this in a while, but as I’m trying to motivate myself to be more active, I thought I’d share the workouts I’ve done each week. They are all super short as I want to fit them into Theo’s nap time with time to spare (his naps are only 30 minutes right now), with a slightly longer one at the weekend when Peter can keep an eye on him. Generally I am going to aim for 3-4 a week, in addition to 2-3 long walks of around 45 minutes.

I did…

Spotted any good (short!) workouts recently? If you need inspiration, follow my FIT board on Pinterest.

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