On my mind: Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day

It’s Mothering Sunday this weekend! My first as a mum, how exciting. I wonder what 10-week-old Theo will have knocked up for me in his spare time..

This week I made my furthest trip out of the house so far – all the way to Westfield! It wasn’t a very nice day and I wanted to wander about inside somewhere and people watch, and the train goes direct from my house. And it was great! Not busy and super buggy and baby friendly. Theo was a bit overwhelmed by it all so I visited one of the family rooms to feed him in a private and quiet space rather than attempt it in one of the noisy cafes. Then I got to eat some tasty stuff myself! I didn’t buy anything, but it was nice to do some window shopping. Plus doing it on my own has made me feel much braver about venturing further afield in the future. On Monday I’m meant to be heading all the way to Brockley so it was good practice.

My parents have been on holiday for the past week (in Cuba! So jealous!), and I’ve missed them so much. So seeing as it is Mother’s Day this weekend, and I’ve missed getting at least an email from her every day, here are 6 reasons why my mum is the best:

  1. Because when I was born she lived in a foreign country (to her: Trinidad where my father is from), in a house at the top of a hill, so fairly inaccessible. She had no family near by, no NCT support network, and my father didn’t get paternity leave. After having Theo I have a huge appreciation for how hard that must have been.
  2. Because she inspired a love of reading in me that has influenced my whole life, including my career, which I love.
  3. Because she’s a blogger! And an activist. From women’s rights to her views on global events to her work with UNICEF, the UNDP, the Commonwealth secretariat and more, she always has an informed opinion, something I wish I’d inherited from her!
  4. Because when Peter went back to work, she came round every day to help me look after Theo. She is an absolutely doting grandmother, as I knew she would be.
  5. Because if I ever have a problem about anything, I know I can go to her. For as long as I can remember she has treated me like an equal, with love and respect and she is the model of how I would like to raise my child.
  6. Because she is fun! How many other people’s mums in their 60s play jouvert every summer at Notting Hill carnival, dancing, drinking vodka and letting themselves get covered in chocolate?

Bonus reason: Because she always reads my blog! I love you mum!

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  1. leesbj

    March 13, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    Loved your latest blog. And I agree

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