Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!

We got our Christmas tree extra early this year. Peter’s family was down over the last weekend of November to have a fake Christmas dinner with my parents, so we got a Christmas tree to go along with the meal. It’s a “living” tree, but sadly its needles are falling all over the shop, so not sure how much further beyond Christmas it’s going to last!

Still, it’s so lovely to have in the house – I love having the lights on at night and I thought, this season being Christmas, I’d share some of the details from our tree as my #stylingtheseasons contribution this month!

Christmas tree decorations

Christmas tree - Liberty glass bird

This decoration comes from our first Christmas living together: We had a very tiny tree, as I remember, which we bought about a week before Christmas. We had just moved into the first flat we owned together, and we had one decoration: this glass bird that we bought on a whim from Liberty’s Christmas store. We then went back that same year and bought a couple of disco ball baubles, just because.

Christmas tree - Florence woodcut

Christmas tree - Florence bell

While we were in Florence for our first Christmas after the wedding, we bought three decorations. There were so many pretty Christmassy things, I couldn’t stop myself, even though we had only planned to buy one. The top decoration is a woodcut, which I absolutely love, although it’s SO fragile. We’ve had to superglue it together twice now in different spots and we’ve only had it for two years! But I think it’s holding together quite well despite that… The bottom decoration is just so lovely – we also got a blue and white ball decoration which isn’t pictured.

Christmas tree - Liberty blue bird

Christmas tree - Angel

This year’s new decorations are a blue and white bird (can you sense a theme here? Apparently I really like blue and white decorations!), which we picked up from Liberty, and a gold angel for the top of the tree, which my cousin made everyone instead of cards this year. She’s a primary school teacher, so used these as an example for the class, and I absolutely love it! It doesn’t quite sit on the top of the tree as the angel’s skirt isn’t wide enough, but she hangs there very beautifully. The perfect tree topper.

Christmas tree - feet up

Now the tree is up, there are some presents beneath it, and all that’s left to do is put my feet up, enjoying the lights from the tree…

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