6 gift ideas for food lovers

6 gift ideas for food lovers

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I’ve found Peter and my dad really easy this year. My dad because he asked for something very specific, and Peter because I was SO BAD at his birthday presents, I’ve tried to give his Christmas gifts a little bit more thought. But I’m really struggling with everyone else. If you know a food lover and are not sure what to get them, here are 6 gift ideas for food lovers.  These are things I either already have and love, or that I’d enjoy getting – Hopefully, the food lover in your life might enjoy them, too…

  1. A good bread maker. We were given this one from Panasonic and it’s absolutely brilliant.
  2. Nice oven gloves. Because is it just us, or do these go really, really, really manky? And yet I keep using them…
  3. Leg of ham. Peter really wants one of these, so if anyone reading is looking for a gift for him, he’d love one of them. I’ve already got all his presents, otherwise I’d do it myself.
  4. Beautiful serving dishes. I’ve noticed our lack of these since I’ve started taking more food photos. It would be particularly nice to have some nice bowls, rather than the basic John Lewis range, although those are very lovely, too.
  5. Kilner jars. Can you ever have enough?
  6. Wine glasses. Because chances are, if you really love food, you probably love wine too. And if you love wine, chances are you’ve broken a fair few of these in your time…

Have you spotted any good gift ideas lately? I’m hoping to go to the Christmas market at the Tate Modern when my maternity leave starts, and to Crafty Fox in Brixton on the 6th of December, so fingers crossed I’ll get some inspiration for the other people on my list!

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    November 28, 2014 at 8:03 am

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