#StylingTheSeasons – our finished living room

#StylingTheSeasons - our finished living room

We have another finished room! Well. I say finished, I still have things I want to do to it, but yay. It’s nice to feel like at least one of our rooms, apart from the bathroom, is finished and feels calm and relaxing to be in.

We painted the walls in a slightly grey paint colour called Antique Cream, which we used in our last place and which we both absolutely love. It’s more soothing than straight white, and makes white skirting/coving/furniture really stand out.

Peter did an amazing hack with two Kallax units. We wanted a really long unit with lots of room to store books, shoes, and miscellaneous stuff, but I didn’t want it to look like two sitting next to each other. So rather than completely putting them together, he left one side off one of them, and connected it straight to the other unit. It means that we aren’t able to put a divider in that hole, but I think it works, especially if/when we get a nice tall vase or some kind of ‘objet’ to go in that space. Since taking these pictures, Peter has bought me a tall cloche, so might try to fill it with different things each season and make that a nice focal point.

#StylingTheSeasons - our finished living room

When the shelves were together, we hung some favourite bits of art on the wall, and filled the shelves up. It’s primarily filled with cookery books and design books (and baby books!) right now, but we’ll probably rearrange them a bit once the upstairs is done. I’d like to keep all the cookery in here, but will probably move the other books to another room.

The big basket containers are IKEA as well, seen in a million homes around the country, but they are perfect as all of our shoes are hidden away inside.

#StylingTheSeasons - our finished living room

On the right hand side we have added some cupboard inserts in, which have: Top left: miscellaneous crap, including hats, Peter’s laptop which he never uses, loads of notepads etc; Top right: Our DVD player, the power cords from the TV and eventually I think DVDs will go in here too; and Bottom right: tools. These are the tools we’re using all the time, so that we don’t have to keep rooting around in the cupboard under the stairs to find stuff, but eventually, when the work is all done (one day, I swear this will happen), they’ll get replaced with something else.

What I like most about this unit is that some stuff can be on display, but the messy stuff is easily hidden away.

#StylingTheSeasons - our finished living room

I love our lamp, with its copper interior lampshade, which we bought from Habitat. I find lighting one of the more difficult things to buy. Nice lighting appears to be very hard to find, or extremely expensive. So finding this, which was kind of mid-range, made me very happy. It sits happily next to our hibiscus plant, which is looking fairly sad right now after I gave it its annual prune (I think I got carried away this year, but I’ve had it for 9 years now so I know it likes being cut back, really), a beautiful vase my parents-in-law bought me, and Peter’s cigar box (which I think I originally bought in Israel when I was a teenager!). The cushion is one of my favourites, which we got as a wedding present from my friend Amelia.

#StylingTheSeasons - our finished living room

When we put the art up, we had originally wanted a bigger grouping, but then when we chose what we wanted to put up, these four things looked so pretty together, and nothing else quite fit with them. We will probably add to it as time goes on. I love the blue colours that come through from this little cluster – the top two are prints that I picked up – the top left from an art show my dad was showing at, the top right from Etsy, and the bottom two were both gifts from my parents. Art is generally so personal, but they clearly know me pretty well!

On the other side of the room, we’ve put a long floating shelf above the sofa, which has a few knick knacks and photographs.

#StylingTheSeasons - our finished living room

#StylingTheSeasons - our finished living room

The sunburst candlesticks were a wedding present from my parents’ best friend from university, Richard Logan. I don’t think he makes these anymore, which is a shame, because I think they are stunning and the shadows you get when they have candles in them are so beautiful.

The photo was taken when Peter and I were in the early days of our relationship and went up to see (/meet!) his sister in Newcastle. For years, Peter’s Facebook photo was of him on his own with this wall (outside the Baltic) in the background, so I love this photo of the two of us on the same spot.

#StylingTheSeasons - our finished living room

The plant is a type of tradescantia which I inherited from my grandmother. I can’t believe I’ve had it for about four years now. I have to cut it back pretty often as it can get kind of carried away. It’s generally a ground creeper, so a bit unusual to have in a pot, but I kind of love it.

I picked up the white tea light holder from a sample sale Lynne and Caroline held a year or two ago. Again, I just love the shadows it makes on the wall when there is a candle inside. And finally the little bowl was made by my aunt. I have loads of her little bowls and vases around the house (you can spot one or two in the photos of the other side of the room, too!). The teal and blue colours are my absolute favourite.

So, that’s a small slice of our living room! There are still one or two other things to do, but generally I really love it. And what’s quite nice is that it feels like it’s going to be really easy to change up the styling and change the feel of the room.

This room hasn’t really been ‘styled’ very much, but I’m hoping to use Charlotte and Katy‘s #StylingtheSeasons challenge as a bit of a regular cue to mix things up a little bit and rearrange little corners of it to fit the seasons. Is anyone else taking part in this project? It’s such a nice idea and some of the blog posts coming out of it are just gorgeous – so much amazing inspiration!

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  1. Natasha

    September 27, 2014 at 10:58 pm

    So inspired by your living room! Love the kallax hack xx
    Tash | Dance, Flow, Lift

    1. BeNourishd

      September 28, 2014 at 7:22 am

      Thank you! Still so happy with how it turned out 🙂

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