August meditation

August meditation

Another month come and gone, so quickly that I hardly even had time to register that it had begun. August was insanely busy. Between work, which was intense for the first half, and three busy weekends (a trip to Newcastle, a hen do and a visit from the in laws), there’s not been much time to sit still and just be.

But on the plus side, it feels like we did get a lot done around the house. Firstly because a lot of it was done while we were at work (in many ways it’s good that not everything can be a DIY job!), and secondly because we put my father-in-law to work when he came to stay! The house feels as though it’s slowly but surely being transformed and becoming ours. We have unpacked the bathroom and made a few steps in the right direction in the living room. In September we’re going all guns blazing to get it as finished as possible. I cannot express how fed up I am of having so much of our stuff in boxes!

August was also the month that my belly popped out and we had our second scan. It’s still so amazing to me that I have this little thing inside me, growing steadily (at the time of the scan it weighed 400g, just under a small bag of sugar!) and it’s feeling more real every day. Only four more months until our lives change forever! Scary stuff, but exciting too. We found out the sex at the scan (which we’re keeping to ourselves), so now begins the potentially four month long discussion over names!

Reading baby name books are a bit overwhelming – there are so many to choose from (understatement of the month!) and you have to make sure that it works well with our last name, that there aren’t too many embarrassing nicknames, imagine calling out that name in the park – it’s a big decision! Any favourite names you want to share?

What were the highlights of your month?


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  1. Knit me a cake (@knitmeacake)

    August 27, 2014 at 10:59 am

    Oooo so exciting! I wondered if you were going to find out the sex of the baby. x

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