3 pregnancy workouts for the second trimester

3 pregnancy workouts for the second trimester

Yep, that’s me at 17 weeks pregnant. You might not see it but I do. Well, I feel it – none of my clothes fit anymore and I’ve officially had to move over to the ‘unzipped trousers with a band over the top’ look. I’m tightening my stomach muscles in that photo, too. Might as well while I still have them, right? I have to say, it’s been nice doing weekly photos – I didn’t realise how fit I had become before until I started taking them. My week 8 is amazing. I have (had) abs! Wow. Who knew?

In terms of exercise, the baby has been putting some pressure on my sciatic nerve, so a lot of the exercise I have been doing until now is around stretching out my back – simple and basic stretches that my chiropractor recommended. But now that I have a bit more energy, I am going to introduce some videos back into my routine. I’m obviously not concerned about having a six pack anymore, those days are gone (for now), but it’ll be good for me and the baby to stay fit and healthy, especially since I seem to need cake or donuts on a daily basis now – what’s that all about?

Here are some pregnancy workouts for the second trimester – two that I’ve done and loved (the first two), and one I haven’t tried yet. They actually seem like nice low impact exercises for anyone, regardless of if you have a baby on board, so worth looking at if you’re looking for something that doesn’t make you lose your breath!

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