The week that was: Week 4

The week that was: Week 4

I got a mini FitBit toward the end of last week, and have been using it this week to track how many steps I take. It’s meant to be an activity tracker generally, but I haven’t found it particularly useful for things like my morning exercise. After 40 minutes of pretty sweaty yoga, I was disappointed that it hadn’t picked any of it up! But I bought it to be a pedometer, and it does that job very well, so I guess you can’t have it all! In its first full week (Friday to Thursday), I took around 54,000 steps – an average of 7,700 a day. Some days were definitely better than others. Looking at a chart makes me realise how lazy I can be. On Saturday I basically went to the supermarket and then sat on my ass all day. Oops.

Reading this week

  • The Fault in our Stars – Oh my God. So, I read this on my Kindle, and my eyes first pricked at around 34%. By the time I was around 80% in, I was a mess. I finished it at 8am last Saturday, after not being able to fall back asleep, and was basically sobbing by the end. Screw you, John Green.
  • The Casual Vacancy – I really tried to like this, but I’m afraid I gave up. Sorry JK, I still love you.
  • Northanger Abbey (Val McDermid)* – Loving this so far! It’s McDermid’s reimagining of Northanger Abbey and it’s so fun. Makes me want to go back and reread the original, as I realise I don’t know it very well.
  • Redefined Mom’s wardrobe revolution – every now and again, Pinterest turns up something like this which makes me so happy. If all goes well, I’m moving soon, and my wardrobe is going to get a cull before I do
  • Sam Baker’s inspirational ‘leaving an amazing job for ‘nothing” story – really thought provoking!

This week’s exercises

Really looking forward to getting together with some lovely bloggers tomorrow in Leigh on Sea! How was your week? What are you doing this weekend?

*I work for the publishers, but my opinion is my own!

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